Vampire Character Sheet - RossM

1.1 Marcus Front, born in 1620, in the town of Chesham. A lay preacher for the Baptist Movement. He was motivated by bringing the word of God to those unfortunates who had abandoned hope.
1.2 Orating in the town square, standing astride one of coopers largest barrels, a large crowd before you.
2.1 His enjoyment of navigating through the rain, nestled in his coat to pass the word of the lord to the more remote villages
3.1 Throwing over the table of the money lender, and reading of the lord doing the same.
4.1 A dark night, the streets emptied by the early October frost, a sobbing child. Reaching down in concern to comfort the small form, there was nothing more than a flash of unnatural speed and the sudden pain in the side of the neck. How old was that child? Many centuries in reality. Awakening from the attack, and with a coldness enveloping my body I staggered back to my lodgings. Looking in the hand mirror the damage was obvious. A large chunk of skin and flesh were completely missing from the right side of the neck. What was left was a gaping hole displaying the flexing muscles and throbbing veins. Strange, that the vein was intact, or was it strangely healed? There was no indication that the missing piece would ever heal…( lured to the aid of a child while out on a cold October night, the child attacks leaving me disorientated and with a very visible hole in my neck. )


  • Agnes Fairweather - Long suffering landlady, and seamstress.Tolerant of Marcus’ occasional financial strife.
  • John Wessex - A local moneylender and focus of many of Marcus’ sermons.
  • Robert Cooper - A local barrel maker (What a surprise) and childhood friend.
  • The child - a weeping vampire whose visible age hides centuries of vicious cunning and speed.


  • A leather bound bible.
  • A thick sheepskin coat.
  • A dry compass.


  • Public Speaker
  • Confidence
  • Scavenger

large chunk of skin and flesh were completely missing from the right side of the neck