Vampire Character Sheet - Gee Bizzle


1.1 Jehan Escoffier, the son of a hatter born, raised and working in Avignon in his fathers business. Takes satisfaction in his work with aspirations for a simple life.

2.1 Aalis chatting with me idly as I work on the felt for a customers order. The mercury smokes swirls around us both as I talk her slowly through the actions I am taking.

3.1 father beating me black and blue as the bread I had prepared lies spilled on the floor.

4.1 Garnier ordering a very specific hat to be made in an almost impossible timescale for a large amount if livre.

5.1 After running away from my father when one of his moods had seized hold of him I found myself taking solace in more wine than I could rightly afford. As the night drew on and my senses became more impaired a kindly older woman came to assist me.

She introduced herself as Aalis, Iā€™m sure I made some joke about my friend with the same name before passing out. As I woke up the next day in my bed my head throbbing and an ache in my neck, I had no recollection of what happened or how I got home. As I glanced at myself in the mirror I knew something was not right when Looking back at me where MY eyes should be, were the eyes of a stranger coated in milky silver that shifted and moved liquid metal.


  • Roul Escoffier- his father, a very distinguished hatter however over the years his gentle demeanour has changed as mercury poisoning has takes hold. He now works very little leaving me to produce most of our businesses wares.

  • Garnier - a wealthy patron to the shop.

  • Aalis - a local child who often hangs around the shop.

  • Aalis - a kindly older woman, who was the last person I could remember before waking up as this.


  • a silver knife with an ornate handle

  • a felt hat with an exotic feather in it

  • a portrait of my mother


  • hat making

  • baking

  • sense of fashion


Silver liquid metal coated eyes.

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