Vampire Character Sheet - Chewy77


1.1 Rafael, the son of a trader born in Cordoba, Al-Andalus in 1126. Born in a Christian family during the time of the small muslim kingdoms called Taifas, he always felt called for something bigger. His father was a trader valued for his contacts by the local rulers, that was allowed to stay a Christian paying the corresponding taxes, but always felt like he was a deception to his father reputation.

He was the second son, so he was sent to become a priest, but after the death of his elder brother he was pulled from his studies and taught the family business. Never married, until his father died.

Rafael is driven by his will to be recognised for his own merits, his struggle to overcome the social handicap of being Christian in a Muslim ruled society and being resentful of not being able to become a priest in the Christian kingdom of Castille

(Rafael second son of a Trader. Born into a Christian family in a Muslim country and sent to become a priest. Stopped studies to resume family business when father died.)

2.1 When falling badly from his horse, receiving that injury that made him limp, his mother Zoraida gave him a crucifix that she had kept as a family heirloom. Rafael wears that crucifix ever since he recovered.

3.1 His brother Abel gave Rafael that dagger as a present when his father died. Imported from Levant, it is a damascene dagger with brass hilt and scabbard.

4.1 His servant Yussuf recently moved to his house, after having been working in the family state and olive groves and press. He sleeps in a little room by the entrance, downstairs.

5.1 When the Almohads had taken over the city of Cordoba, no Christian mozarab was safe, even with money and connections. We heard one night our local church was being raided. When we rushed to help, a young Berber with fiery eyes knocked me over and dragged me to the back of the altar. I woke up with a burn on my lips, he had slit his wrist and was making me drink his blood.

  • I am Ben Nasser, the vampire said, and now you have the curse too. Never you will be able to stand the sun, and you will dwell in the night, always thirsty.


  • Zoraida - his mother, daughter of a rival trading family, has always been strict with Rafael, specially after the death of his elder brother. She is in her late 40s by the time of the change

  • Yusuf - Rafael servant. He is a young kid of about 15 years old, the son of his father servant.

  • Abel - Rafael younger brother. Married and with two children, he will likely continue the family business after Rafael. He is not a religious person, and actually pretends to have converted to Islamic faith to be socially accepted.

  • Ben Nasser- the vampire, a young Berber, with fiery eyes.


  • A silver crucifix (if there is a problem with this he will just keep it, or make it into wood)

  • A curved dagger with a brass scabbard

  • A house close to the merchant district, with views to the river.


  • Singing Voice

  • Limp

  • Writing


Cracked lips, burnt and dry from the vampire blood, and I have seen in my reflection that my eyes are sunk in my face, a face dry like a skull covered by just enough skin