Upon Their Backs To Bite ’Em


Honored to almost rate equal billing with horse urine. Also happy to now know the difference between turbid and turpid. Although both are relevant to the horse urine.


Not to be confused with “turgid”, which is a thing that may happen to your stomach if you force yourself to gulp down a lot of frothy “champagne”, or “turnip”, which is a fuel stock that’s converted into horse urine (both turbid and regular).


When I was about to turn 18, I got a flyer from a local nightclub (whom I presume had trawled the electoral register) inviting me to book there for a birthday party with a “free bottle of bubbly”.

They did not specify bubbly what, which was probably for the best.


Dear Soon-To-Be Eighteen Year Old
You are now legally old enough to:

  1. Drink
  2. Vote
  3. Join a Cthulhu worshipping cult

Why not combine all three in our special birthday offer. Free bottle of Rugose & Squamous’ finest bubbly included.


I’m looking forward to the episode where the hapless characters tool up. :gun:


Yes, once the internet learns your particular appetites, you can rejoice in becoming the target of far more… unusual and specific ad campaigns.