Unresponsive on Android Firefox?

Sometimes the page doesn’t load at all on Firefox. At other times it is extremely slow.
When I kill the app (like kill-kill) after that it loads the page quickly.

But I go do something else and 5 minutes later, I go back to Firefox and boom doesn’t work.

It is really weird, sometimes with enough patience the site loads… it feels like something is off with the notifications (I am only noticing because my watch starts notifying me of old stuff when I open firefox. Notifications that I have long seen etc)


I get this too with Firefox on Android. Pull out my phone and use safari on ios and works instantly. Will download firefix for ios after the weekend and check that.


Thanks. I did a stealth upgrade last week which may be a consideration.

FWIW I’m using DuckDuckGo Browser on Android (LineageOS) and not seeing any problems.


I was having the forever loading issue before the update if that’s helpful

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Mine seems to have recovered. There was an android update. Maybe it was just my phone needing a reboot?

I still get forever loading on an android tablet Firefox, chrome it’s fine. iOS works fine Firefox and Safari. I hope I get an update that resolves this as well then.

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I still occasionally have the forever loading. It helps to stop the app and empty the cache. But it is not happy making…

There’s an update available. I’ll schedule it. Just been a bit busy.

I am not even sure it is the forum. Firefox has been somewhat unstable on all my devices recently.

It‘s also not playing nice with it‘s graphic mode changes (I notice because my large display just goes black when I go to boardgame arena).

It is crashing more on iOS… -.-

Well, the latest version is installed as of 2022-11-30T09:30:00Z. Let me know if that helps…

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seems improved on my mobile. still slow but recovers.

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