Undaunted: Battle of Britain, Hamlet, Autobahn



Sometimes you sit down to play some board games for a future podcast episode and you find yourself not particularly digging any of them? It happens. It’s a thing. It could happen to you. This week it happened to us.

Whilst we weren’t especially jazzed about Hamlet, didn’t find Undaunted: Battle of Britain worth the trouble and at least one of us really didn’t get on with Autobahn, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t like them either. Or maybe you’ve already played them and disagree - dear listener, you should write in.

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On to the timestamps:

5:55 Audience Correspondence: Past Games

10:21 Undaunted: Battle of Britain

33:44 Hamlet

46:17 Audience Correspondence: How do you learn games?

51:07 Autobahn

I’ll be fine if I never hear about undaunted ever again.

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Why is that?

What do you have against the game?

Nothing in particular - there’s just a lot of them over a short period of time and every one seems to get featured on the two/three podcasts I listen to.

At this point it feels like it should be in the Catan/ticket to ride/Carcassonne bracket where every expansion doesn’t raise an hour long feature.


I played Normandy (on Tabletop Simulator), and… there it was. I mean, it’s not terrible? But I’ve played a lot of WWII games, this sort of thing ought to be my bread and butter, and there was nothing there that jumped out at me and said “you want to play this more”. This may of course just be that I’m old and jaded.