UK board game Bargains I discovered today (because we need all the help we can get) - including Button Shy!

Just found out two interesting things:

  1. Button Shy now have a UK Hub, which means $5 postage on some combined orders instead of $20. (Choose “UK only” option on a dropdown). So I now have Sprawlopolis and Ugly Gryphon Inn on the way.
  1. There’s a site that looks to have opened in Nov 21 called “Kienda”, based in London, and they have reductions on most of their games. Some of their more expensive games have the same 10-20% reduction, which at the highest prices (Rococo Deluxe, Lisboa Deluxe, Kanban EV) adds up to a LOT of money saved. For example, Lisboa full price is £160.75 and on Kienda for £118.96.

However, I don’t know anything about them. And the only company selling it on UK Amazon (for £160) is them too (same address) but under the name “Pericles Distribution Ltd”. Anyway, you can’t buy Rococo anywhere else in the UK, so have a look.

Intro FB post from them here:


In 2019 I associated these big box EGG/Lacerda games as £90ish a pop. Are these prices the new normal with current inflation or are these guys upping their prices between print runs?

I don’t know if it’s just one importer who is setting the price at whatever they want, because all the other links I can see online to buy Lisboa or Rococo are outside the UK.

I’m sure Rococo was £110 at one point when it first released.

To the boardgameprices-o-tron!

Rococo Deluxe

(The green line on the graph is lowest price shipped to a UK address by someone who claimed to have stock, but that graph only covers the last year.)


Kienda is pretty much the new Zatu, before Zatu became maintream (with their prices). There’s also a referral scheme of 5% which isn’t much, but if you haven’t had an acct yet, you can use mine or someone else’s to get that 5% and I (or they) get a discount too.

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I did not know there was that feature on Boardgameprices

Kienda are great. I’ve been using them since the site went live and o have nothing but praise for them. Speedy delivery, super prices, discount codes often, % off your spend at certain thresholds, and % back in points.

Pericles seems to be the company backing it that the payments go to and the courier ships from.

They do seem to have lots of stock of things that have been unavailable for a while. Initially they said it was because they were bricks and mortar only and hadn’t had chance to sell online (stock just sat for a while). Not sure how they are keeping it up!

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