Twilight Struggle PBF 2, Benkyo's commentary thread

USSR plays Flower Power to coup Egypt, rolls a 3, putting Egypt at 0/1. I get confused, think they couped Iran, and decide to respond by playing U2 Incident to refill Iran-that-is-actually-Egypt and give away 1 VP. Not sure I would have bothered if I had realised I was putting 3 OPs into Egypt and not Iran, but there you go. I also forgot NORAD, but added 1 to Algeria once I realised (after I took the move to repair Egypt).

USSR responds with another power card, ABM Treaty as event and coup, in Egypt again. This time rolling a 4 for a safe flip. I can’t think of anything great to do with NORAD, so fill Malaysia (some protection against a red Asia, future Brush War, and 1 VP from SEAsia Scoring). I play Latin America Death Squads to fill Mexico.

USSR plays ME Scoring, no great surprise there, for 3 VPs. I space WWBY just to get it out of the way, and advance a step.

USSR space Alliance for Progress, rolls a 1 so gets 1 VP.

I worry a bit about one small leap beating me to the 2 VP space race spot, but decide to Brush War Argentina for the event, to at worst get MilOps, and maybe dominate S. America. Roll a 2, so just the MilOps.

USSR plays Lone Gunman for the event. Given the dire situation for the USSR, it might have been better to hope this and a boosted Terrorism could win the game by Defcon in the Late War, but it depends on what the rest of their hand looks like.

Anyway, I reveal my hand, (SocGov, Cam5, Pope, Puppet Govs), which wasn’t a big deal since I had no real problems left, and the USSR adds one influence to Poland, which seems like a mistake. Sure, the pope is annoying, but with 7 influence in Poland already there seemed little point in me wasting 2 OPs to put Poland at 1/5.

I don’t really want to leave a USSR card in my hand once it has been seen, and the USSR move requires no response, so I space SocGov and get 2 VPs with a roll of 2. Just one more to see headlines, which is a really nice perk.