Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings - Long Live The King?


That was a great review! Matt seemed really genuine and spoke so clearly about how he plays it and what the issues are. Also it was gutsy to be negative (but not sensationalist for ratings) when they sent a review copy.

The bit in the middle explaining how the objectives conflict with how you want to interact with players actually sold me on the base game :slight_smile: I think that was one of Matt’s best recent reviews.


Does anyone know what that music at the beginning is? It reminds me of Knights of the Old Republic 2.

Yes indeed. I think there’s an assumption, especially with a huge game like this, that an expansion will give you MOAR of everything and that that’s a good thing… and it isn’t, necessarily.

I’m reminded of old (2e) Arkham Horror, where the mechanics are uninspired, but they make amusing things happen that everyone can laugh about. In effect it’s a generator for micro-RPG moments; if you played it mechanically, just saying “I have 3 Xs and 4 Ys but I need 2 more Ys before I do Z”, it would be no fun at all.

ETA: …but the more expansions came along, the more stuff there was on the table to keep track of and the more you had to play mechanically just to stop one of the new things from ending the game early.


This was actually a miss for me. I didn’t love the expansion either, but Matt seemed off. Like his reasoning for disliking most of it didn’t feel genuine to how the expansion really worked. Almost as if didn’t really play it or just didn’t get it.

I don’t know how to better explain what I mean. But this was one of the few video reviews I felt they missed on.