Trailblazers, Isle of Trains: All Aboard, Beast


Everybody always says, “Talk Cardboard is paving the way in board game podcasting!” and this episode it’s certainly true. We have biking, hiking, kayaking, train-ing, and hunting (along routes), which is the most path in any board game podcast ever.

On today’s episode we’ll cover the cute but deadly Trailblazers, the old fashioned but sleek Isle of Trains and the gorgeous, voluptuous and strange Beast.

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On to the timestamps:

6:12 Audience Correspondence: Methods of Teaching Games

9:32 Trailblazers

29:53 Isle of Trains: All Aboard

47:11 Audience Correspondence: Imperial Onions

52:26 Beast

1:17:15 Elaine hates Hidden Movement games