Topic of the Week: Played out and Rebought

I have fond memories of Talisman (2nd ed), but I can definitely recognize it is pretty random nonsense. Not sure I would ever play it again IRL, but still have my copy.


Same here - the good thing about the app is that you can stop it for a bit…

In terms of being ruined by the app, I would say Carcassone. Its just so much easier to play.


I’m not sure that I’ve yet “played out” a game after many plays, although there have been a few over the years that I’ve finished with after just one or two attempts.

In terms of rebuys though, there have been a handful. I had a major cull of boardgames after my teens and, since getting back into gaming in the last ten years or so, rebought a few of my favourites (or newer versions) which still hold up these days, including:

  • The Fury of Dracula (first edition, even though later versions exist)
  • Pro Golf (1984 version)
  • Outburst! (a late 80s/early 90s version)
  • Scotland Yard (bought the new Sherlock Holmes version)
  • Statis Pro Football (bought the 1983 season version to compliment the 1985 season version I already had)
  • Survive (bought the 30th anniversary version rather than the original)

I have fond memories of a few other games from the late 80s and early 90s that I might purchase again one day, including Kingmaker (probably the new edition) and Rogue Trooper.


I actually have a copy of this if you’re interested? Happy memories too but I’m worried if I play it again I shall spoil them…

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The Crew - thanks to one (or twenty) too many games during lockdown, realising the essential randomness of it all.

Gloomhaven - well, probably. I love it but it’s -so- much easier to open the app than to set up the game.

Codenames - I like it lots but it’s the go-to game for when my parents visit and I’m really very tired of the amount of downtime with it.

Cards Against Humanity - I had pretty much exactly the same journey as @yashima (and probably many others)


Mine included almost losing friendships over the whole mess that this was a part of. CaH is not really to blame for the mess but it made it worse.

I thought of another one: Ingenious. We totally overplayed this, for a while it was out every time we wanted to play a game with friends. I got rid of it in the big purge. Now I sometimes miss it for its addictive simplicity. If someone made a pretty flowery re-theme with Beth Sobel art I‘d totally buy that.


It remains a rarity for me to play, and therefore in my collection.


CaH was fun to start, but it did not take long for the jokes to grow stale. There was a bit of fun in reading the other players, figuring out how they chose the winning cards. Some wanted a very literal answer to the questions, others just wanted an outrageously silly answer, some wanted the most offensive thing, etc etc. But, there really wasn’t a game there, since you were limited by whatever cards you drew.

Glad I never owned it.