Things that happen in games

In Firefly today:

“It’s what you’d get if Apple designed a Firefly. All curvy white ceramic. No inspection hatches or access panels.”

“Remember the bit in the show where the arms unfold and the drive section glows? This is more like a tree bursting into glowing blossom.”

Customs officer: “You smugglers think you can just waltz in here with a crate labelled jelly beans” etc.
Underling with scanner: “Er, boss, these really are jelly beans…”


“I’ve got good news, and bad news. Good news: The regular Firefly is incredibly easy to maintain and repair, because it’s compatible with all sorts of other models, and you can use spare parts from any manufacturer available.”

“Shiny! So, what’s the bad news?”

“Your ship ain’t a regular Firefly… it’s an iFirefly.”


The big crime boss is shot by his daughter: “You can just about see his expression as he takes his final breaths. It’s a combination of surprise and… pride?”


Recently, in a dark cave:

There appears to be a tunnel behind the gigantic [ambiguously friendly] worm, and the hint of something leading upward on the opposite end of the cavern.

P1: Can we see where it leads?

It’s too dark to see from here.

P1: squints real hard.

It’s too dark to see from here.

P2: what do you see?
P1: dunno, it’s too dark to see. Can I use second sight?

There’s no magic involved. It’s just too dark to see from here.

P2, axe at the ready: what should we do about this?

Enigmatic hobo NPC largely ignored: how about you guys… walk over there?

P1: walk toward the back wall to get a better look.

/Eventual satisfaction.