They Came from Beyond the Grave

I recently ran The Haunting of Abbeyham Priory the Jumpstart for They Came from the Grave.
This Storypath game of late 60s, early 70s horror movies delivers a successful mix of ham acting, flashbacks, nostalgia, and a delightful meta system that allows the players to become the actors and take narrative control.

At times it might be a little too much system, and the skills are a bit alien to me since I have no WoD hinterland. However it is very British and it’s really wonderful to slip into. My players had a great time and so did I.

The rulebook is easy to read. It’s infused with short period fiction, a deep love for the sources and a cheeky authorial voice. I shall try other Storypath games because of this, but I shall be coming back to this again and again like Christopher Lee as Dracula.


That sounds brilliant :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to do something like this as twitter randomly showed me Brennan as “Citizen-Doctor Abraham Mehermblur!!”, definitely not a crazy necromancer. There’s a gap in my rpgs for a good mad scientist about now.

Totally, Professor archetype and away you go.
Any idea which actor plays the good (evil) [ambiguous] doctor?

In that clip? Brennan Lee Mulligan, who does a lot of online rpg stuff (as player and DM). Brennan Lee Mulligan | Dimension 20 Wiki | Fandom

Which 70s actor would I pretend to be hamming it up in an rpg? Well, deciding would be half the fun :slight_smile:

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Well we could start obviously with Vincent Price but don’t let that restrain you, the leather straps will do that… oh pardon did I say that out loud?