These Two Player Games are Great


For convenience of watching:

  • Air, Land & Sea 02:28
  • Targi 04:40
  • Lacuna 06:52
  • Worldbreakers 10:31
  • Sleeping Gods 13:53
  • Ankh 16:07
  • FiveThreeFive 17:50
  • Spirit Island 19:51

For my own taste I’d add:

  • Onitama
  • Ashes
  • Piepmatz

Lacuna seems to be Unobtainium over here

Ankh keeps catching my interest and if it’s 2 player friendly then my chances of playing it rises significantly.

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We’ve played Ankh at two and it worked really well. I like the action selection mechanism a lot. There was a good bundle deal on milanspiele recently though I don’t have any expansions and think basegame should be enough for quite a few games (so says SVWAG as well and they have played expansions). I mean it’s a huge box for 2 player and I wouldn’t rebuy it, if I somehow lost my copy. . I prefer Blood Rage over this one if we’re just comparing Eric M Lang to himself :upside_down_face: But it’s a good game if you’re looking for something to fire chess (it’s not that chess like)


Onitama is so good. I don’t own it, because I don’t really play 2p games, but if I did I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

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