It was clear that an expedition to Ungulus was in his near future.

Indeed a trip is in order!

Hubertus first intends to compose letters to the nearby covenants introducing himself and declaring his intention to visit. He asks a grog to provide him with necessary materials, a space to write, and access to a means of delivery - preferably non-magical if possible.

[What would you say was nearby? All in Britain? Or those bordering our covenant? This will include Ungulus].

And once completed he would wish to plan an immediate trip to Ungulus. He asks how he would be accompanied on any such visit.

He also takes time to visit the library to see if any vis can be harvested on his way. The Corporem source needs harvesting at spring equinox, or the Imaginem pool in the Pennines

He is achingly keen to get started! I am sure the grogs find it amusing…

The nearest covenants to Voluntas are:

Burnham, on the Scots borders

Cad Gedu, Domus Magnus of Ex Miscellania in Wales

Ungulus on the far side of the Pennines in Cumbria (where you’re going anyway)

and after that the nearest is Schola Pythagora in Cambridge.

(I’ll copy the map pdf into the Library thread. It’s very medieval in spirit and the locations should only be taken as a general guideline not SatNav references.)

Volunteering to collect vis on the way is appreciated: but the Pennine pool won;t be ripe until the winter and the Corporem sources are in the other direction, to the west of the covenant. (Though the one to be gathered on the equinox (which is quite soon now) is only a short journey away, less than half a day’s travel.)

The Redcap can take your messages with him when he leaves tomorrow and the covenant will pay the fees.

If you wish to write them roll once for each message Communication plus Intrigue. You do not have to make it a stress roll if you don’t want to.

When you speak to the guard captain (she is having a bit of a morning) she will say she will happily arrange an escort to take you to Ungulus. “I will mix some people who have been there before with few of our newcomers. Two of each be enough? Or do you not want to make so much state? I should say that some of us, myself included, have bad memories of getting entangled in the affairs of Ungulus. But a journey to the place itself will be harmless enough.” She estimates a journey of a week or more on foot. “Travelling by horse will get you there faster but will also cut down on the number of companions you can take with you. Most of the turb can’t ride.”

Hubertus is willing to wait to travel to Ungulus to ensure the equinox harvesting on his way. He is very grateful to the captain and thanks her profusely, admiring her new trinket.

“I think best to travel without much pomp - don’t want to put on an impression in this instance. So a couple of good fellows or maidens on the trip would be all I needed - to keep me right and to ensure our safety.”

@DJCT asked for a die roll:
No need for stress on any of the communications I don’t think at this moment. Communication is 2 and Intrigue 1. So (forgive me if the formatting doesn’t work).

Burnham d10+3: 13
Cad Gedu d10+3: 9
Ungulus d10+3: 5

I don’t think it necessary to write to Schola Pythagoras in the same way (I have of course just come from there), but do want to write to them to tell them I am safe, and that our Covenant looks forward to strengthening bonds and cooperating for the good of the Order.

Pythagoras d10+3: 12

It worked!

But I rather wish I had rolled the 13 for Ungulus …

The content of my letter is relatively simple.

"Dear Brother and Sister Mages of …

I send greetings from Voluntas. As you know we are a venerable covenant in the process of being reinvigorated with new blood.

It is an exciting time here in the Yorkshire Dales, and we intend to support the growth of our Order, and renew good relations between Covenants, as Voluntas itself is renewed.

To that end I intend to visit you in the coming seasons to introduce our new approach, to discuss mutual interests, and to seek novel ways to co-operate as a new dawn for magic in England begins.

Yours, humbly, Hubertus of Jerbiton

The Redcap says if you set out sometime later this season the message may get to Ungulus before you. It depends on what delays he may experience on his rounds of the norther covenants.

“To Burnham first, then Ungulus. Then I will Leap back to Coventry and pass the message to Cad Gedu on to one of my colleagues.”

Julia looks at you and says that if you’re going to stay around for a while you should co-ordinate with Uilliorad about setting up your sanctum and laboratory.

Then that is what I shall do, if it is to the benefit of the covenant for me to wait a while to gather vis, I am happy to do so.

[ @MichaelCule - I am unsure what to do next about building the laboratory, can you please guide me as to what you expect? ]

Have a word with Uilliorard (I am going to have to get that name installed as a macro…).

He’s the one being tasked with getting the installation done. Briefly he and you will need to spend a season working together (or two seasons working alone) to get it done. He’s in charge of scheduling and he might install something he crafted with magic (though didn’t enchant) for your later delight or aid.

Hubertus looks to gain insight in to laboratory construction and awaits instruction as to how he can be useful.

[Subtext - @MichaelCule you’ll need to tell me what you wish me to do or roll; the main rule book is not clear on construction (or at least as I can understand it); I am happy to help Uilliorard first.]

The details in COVENANTS aren’t a lot more extensive but I’m house ruling that the process of setting up a lab (which the book says takes one magus two seasons) can be done by two in one. This gives a basic lab with no especial refinements. If you want to get something better you will need to take longer or rely on very good skill rolls.

Uilliorad (I’ll get that name committed to memory one of these years) is offering to use his magic to craft something that isn’t enchanted but is certain to be of high quality. This will improve either the layout of the lab or the lab instruments in ways that may be useful to you.

But your chief decision here is to decide when to schedule the downtime to co-ordinate with Uiliorad.

My apologies: I have been neglecting your interests for looking at what Acerbus and Diligentus are doing.

Journeying off to the distant diplomatic meetings doesn’t to seem to be in your current plans so let me do a force-cut to a new thread called THE FIRST AFTERNOON which will start (I haven’t written it yet) in the dining hall after lunch.

No problem and I am very happy to wait and jump in when it comes. I just do not want to appear uninterested!

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As noted above, very happy to sunset my mage for a while waiting on responses and support someone else’s thread with my companion.