THE LIBRARY (Documents of Interest)

This is the thread for documents held in the Covenant’s Library.

And also for requests to see if there are certain types of books to be found there and for the ever revising catalogue.

The only things the librarian is sure are there at the moment are:

Summae on all the Arts (Quality 9 Level 5) a matching set of basic texts.

A copy of the Lab Texts for:

Aegis of the Hearth Level 30

Distillation of the Purest Stream (See Covenants p. 77)

EDITED TO ADD: Wizards’ Communion 30.


The Oath of the Covenant.

The Scroll of Vis Sources (Also to be found at:

(ROGER: is there a better way of doing this other than my Dropbox?)

(Some of the stuff in the Vis Sources is taken from COVENANTS and some isn’t.)

And now Roger has answered my question let me add this: The Scroll of Vis Sources.pdf (94.8 KB)

Also available in the library is something like this map of Stonehenge tribunal. It is medieval in spirit and should not be taken to provide GPS co-ordinates for anything.

England and Wales Map 1220.pdf (7.6 MB)