The Crowdfunding Thread

I have played Legacy 1 and backed this. The pricing seems decent enough that I am reasonably sure retail won’t be much different, possibly more expensive. And not backing it means waiting…

The campaign page mentions that they have added some semi-cooperative elements to this campaign. I would like to add that we played our first campaign competitive cooperative… we both wanted to win but we also wanted our game to be the coolest possible and so sometimes we made choices in favor of cool game instead of wanting to win.


  • I have played Fantasy or OG Clank! once on TTS. It’s a nice deckbuilder.
  • I have played a couple of rounds of my complete copy of Space Clank! I like space more than fantasy in general so I was always getting this one in favor of Fantasy.
  • And I can’t wait to finally get my copy of Clank! Catacombs which is in pre-order hell because I didn’t know German was coming so soon and ordered the English from a shop that never got any English copies at all it seems… :frowning:

Anyway. As deckbuilders with random card markets go, this is a decent one. I won’t say the best. But I really like the style, the cards, the whole premise of robbing the big bad of its treasure and getting away with it. Also deck builders with maps are cool. As are bow-ties.


Clank legacy 1 is a great game. It’s also the kind of game which becomes a clank game afterwards.

My experience with it (playing two player only) mirrors Yashima’s which is to say on paper it’s a competitive game but realistically it’s inherently semi co-op because you as a table want (and should want) to unlock the legacy bits and bobs.

The idea of clank is to rush in and out but if you do that without some secret nod and wink agreement with your fellow players you might as well just have one of the normal clanks.


Threads of Fate: A Puzzletale [The Tale of Ord Remastered] by PostCurious [Rita Orlov] — Kickstarter

I was tempted by this Rita Orlov puzzle game. I haven’t played any of hers and The Emerald Flame is in my Want In Trade wishlist.

BUT the cost is £69 (nice) + $10 postage + UK VAT. Sigh. Granted the game has 30 puzzles inside, but it’s a bit too much, at the moment.


I’d skipped over this, I think it sounds amazing.

Damn it, backed. Grrrrrrr!!

It’ll be a cool present for the family if and when it arrives next year


10th anniversary Firefly box coming to crowdfunding next month. You won’t have to buy the complete edition to get the new parts (includes “capers” missions to pull with Saffron and other new things).


Evolution: Another World by CrowD Games — Kickstarter

LMAO another one


Carson City is up. 5 euros off for those who signed up before the campaign started.

I didn’t realize what I was getting into but ended up with the cardboard version (vs the wooden bits version). Public seems split (but obviously passionate) on which is better, but Xavier Georges prefers cardboard and it’s less expensive anyway. I think ideally I’d have wooden mountains and cardboard buildings (to match the rest of the game board) but it’s an either/or. Even though you can, in theory, get both via add-ons they clearly state you can’t fit both in the box.

Not really crowdfunding, but it’s a CMON preorder, so it feels like it belongs in here: Metal Gear Solid | CMON

I don’t think I ever got a boardgame just for the IP (though the IP was a factor in purchasing a couple of SW games), but this one is really tempting. I have a lot of nostalgia for MGS and the announcement of the MGS3 remake and the classic collection isn’t helping. Also, Emerson Matsuuchi has a decent track record, especially regarding Spectre Ops which seems to be in the same genre.


That box disguise mini made me crack up! Happy memories.


This is the game that got canned 3 years ago by Konami I believe. I am tempted for similar IP reasons and it got relatively warm reception at that time.


I’m all in on mgs boardgame. Spectre ops showed that Matsuuichi can play well in the space.


Ah, FFS! I’m trying to avoid buying big expensive games!

I haven’t read the rulebook yet, but it feels reminiscent of V-Sabotage (and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice) with the sneaking around trying to avoid combat, although with more detailed maps and environments to use for cover rather than just a die roll dependent upon the size of the square you’re in.


So, the rulebook is definitely a work in progress, as there is important information missing, plus some of the examples appear to be jumbled up, using values different than the ones they showed on a card earlier in the example. Notably, I am not seeing how the Alert token for a character is removed from the board. I would assume if a patrol reaches it and there is no sign of one of the player figures, it goes away, but that’s not spelled out anywhere. Maybe it’s on the Patrol Reaction cards, as I don’t see an example of those in the rules either.

The core seems pretty straightforward, though. I think I’d modify Snake’s special ability to instantly kill a Patrol he is behind and adjacent to and give him the option of killing or 3* KO, but really that would only be if there is a game related reason to not kill anyone, like the MGS video games often do.


El Burro looks right up my street. However €79 seems steep. Spielworx are more expensive in general due to small print runs but still… I really rate La Granja so this is very tempting. Hhmmm.


I was also tempted by El Burro. I still need to play the new Deluxe La Granja (should be arriving relatively soon) and all the new bits. €79 would be ok… but not with €25 shipping to the US. So, the temptation dried up.


Okay, I didn’t see this coming: on Kickstarter 01st July, Martin Wallace is developing 4 of the early Fighting Fantasy books into a card game.

(Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Forest of Doom, Deathtrap Dungeon and Island of the Lizard King)




Still got my original set, powered up with modern elastic bands!


I wonder what this brings outside of catapult kingdoms (or what they changed their name to?) - I guess the discs instead of balls.


I think that’s why the page keeps noting this is the “official” and “real” Crossbows and Catapults, as it is the remake of the original game from the 80’s which had disks. I wonder if that is enough of an element to copyright, so Catapult Feud had to do balls to avoid infringement? Only difference appears to be that, and that this comes with three launchers by default while Catapult Feud requires two expansions to get that.

My sense of childhood nostalgia is interested in this, as I never had it but wanted it. However, despite thinking it would be pretty fun, I just do not see this being a good investment. Maybe if my kids were neurotypical, but as it is I do not see them having the attention span or self-control needed to play.