Tell us about your Call to Adventure character

Call to Adventure is pretty good at generating stories. Share your character’s adventure here!


For my character, I picked the squire origin (though I completely forgot to use its ability that gives XP), which gave me +1 Dexterity toward my master of secrets destiny. My motivation was chosen by the light, though it barely came into play. I was really lucky with my adversary: the tyrant was fought with Dexterity and Charisma, the exact same abilities I would be concentrating on to become the master of secrets. Also, the tyrant would cause any player who chose the dark path to gain corruption, so I planned to stick to my chosen by the light goody-two-shoes alignment. (Though I played the adversary quest wrong, randomly pulling hunted by the rider quest instead of using the tyrant’s quest, whoops.)

(1) As often happens, at the start there wasn’t much I could do because I don’t have the right abilities. So I pinned my hopes on my dazzling wit hero card to help me calm my attackers during an armed robbery and gain some Charisma. Well, I failed, but the experience allowed me to train my Dexterity by acting rebellious. (2) From the armed robbery, I had also learned some tricks and launched a surprise attack hero card to help me deal with a childhood rival and win a foe’s loyalty, increasing my Charisma and Royalty story, which would help me become master of secrets. (3) After that, there wasn’t a whole lot to pick from, but I used my squire training to prepare for war by planning the city’s defenses. I never used the Intelligence boost, but this did increase my connections with Royalty.

(1) I further cemented my Royalty position by displaying my honorable trait. (2) However, then I ran out of options. I tried to impress the princess (an ally such as her would be invaluable to a master of secrets) by watching over the city while on guard duty, but I wasn’t dexterous enough. However, this revealed a crime lord (which was an error; there should be no other adversaries in the decks), which was exactly in my wheelhouse, especially since I had avoided tainting myself with corruption. This victory increased by Charisma even further. (3) At this point, I deliberately failed a challenge by tackling the frozen peak so that I could gain the experience to become inspiring, which would max out my Charisma and go well with my Divinity story from chosen by the light. However, the tyrant had other plans and sent the dark lord’s champion, and I had to face and fail the challenge again, inching the tyrant closer to victory. But by taking the time for this doomed challenge, I learned about a daring heist, which I carried off with a glorious victory hero card and gave to the poor, further increasing my Charisma and Divinity.

(1) In the final act, my options were all bad, but the glorious victory had given me XP to search for better cards. I especially needed more Dexterity to fight the tyrant but could find no opportunities. For now, I dealt with a dark revelation, coming to terms with learning I am the child of the dark lord, though he tried to sabotage me. (2) Fittingly, the chance came to fight the tyrant’s army, which I did by leading the rebels and bending the rules antihero card. (3) Finally, it was time to face the tyrant. With my entire life leading up to this point, using my +3 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, and a couple bend the rules antihero cards I got from my 3rd Charisma rune, I beat him handily.


  • Triumph: +6 The Tyrant, +4 The Crime Lord, +3 Lead the Rebels, +2 Give to the Poor, +3 hero cards
  • Tragedy: +7 Master of Secrets (4 Charisma, 3 Dexterity), +4 Child of the Dark Lord, +3 antihero cards
  • Story: +8 Royalty (Win a Foe’s Loyalty, Plan the City’s Defenses, Honorable, Master of Whispers), +2 Villainy (Rebellious, Child of the Dark Lord), +2 Divinity (Chosen by the Light, Give to the Poor), +2 Justice (Lead the Rebels, The Tyrant)
  • +3 XP

Total: 49