Tell us about your Arkham Horror LCG campaign!

We won the TFA campaign! The earth was saved, but humanity was lost. We now inhabit the bodies of aliens. Hooray!

I also played Dark Side of the Moon, and as I suspected, it was a lot easier with investigators with decent agility. We more or less breezed through; now on to Where the Gods Dwell!


I just finished Night of the Zealot, and it was a bit of a let-down. The last scenario there were too many monsters drawn, and with that +1/+1 from the agenda, the odds of beating them or evading them just got too low. Used the dynamite to great effect against three cultist/monsters, back-stabbed another, but ran out of bullets, and the doom advance events kept things very pacy. By the time Roland and Wendy got to the ritual site, I realised I had no way to advance the investigation before the final agenda, called it quits and ran away. Oh, they are dead. Had a look at the alternatives, and barring the 1/15-ish chance of drawing the zealot, there was no way to survive.

I suppose with foreknowledge you might be able to build a deck to win it, or at least a way to dig through the deck to guarantee survival, but I wasn’t impressed with this experience. Throughout the campaign, I felt like I didn’t make any tricky decisions.

Still, someone told me in another thread that the core is just a sample, and the real game is found in expansions, so I’ll withhold judgement for now and give one of those a go.

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I think they followed the pattern of the LotR LCG core set, which was:

  • a relatively easy introductory scenario
  • a scenario that tweaks or adds on to how a normal scenario pays
  • a really hard scenario that will clobber you and requires building a deck specifically for it and/or coming up with a strategy based on knowledge gained from previous play throughs

I haven’t played through Night of the Zealot since the Return To box came out. I always use “The Gathering” for introducing new players to the game, but the other campaigns are much more fun to play through.


I still really like the second scenario of Night of the Zealot. I’ve played it a few times as a stand-alone.

The last one, The Devourer Below, definitely ranks among my least favourite scenarios. I assume it was deliberately made very difficult to give players a big challenge to overcome back when the Core Set was the only product released.

Thanks, that makes sense.

A scene from tonight’s game (Where Doom Await in Dunwich): Ashcan Pete, Duke, and Aquinah rush in to engage the Crazed Shoggoth, allowing Rex to come in and investigate freely. Rex easily hoovers up all the clues and has one action left. To help Pete out, he shouts, “I’ve got a plan!” He builds an elaborate trap in the woods… and Pete falls in (drew the tentacles, 4 damage on Pete).

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Two weeks ago, we wrapped up our Dunwich campaign with Across Time and Space. Pete and Rex managed to escape. Jim (me) failed to escape that same turn, so I tried to buy Zoey and me some more time, except invoking my Shriveling is what drove me over the edge of sanity. I did buy Zoey time, but she succumbed to her wounds; if she had just one more action on her last turn, she would have made it out…

Tonight, we started Carcosa with Sefina, Minh, Mark, and Lola (me).

Minh rushed across the theater to help me with act 2, but then she got trapped by ooze and then a poltergeist. Mark and Sefina escaped the theater. On my final encounter, I had the choice to either 1) be defeated and take mental trauma, or 2) trigger the agenda and spawning the Royal Emissary. I sucked it up and did 1 so everyone would have 2 more experience, though it meant Minh also had to sacrifice herself and take mental trauma to avoid triggering the agenda deck as well. I feel bad for abandoning her since she was so far away from the exit and help because she had come over to help me with act 2.

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Join Farkham Con! I want to play in the Blob game, and maybe other things!

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Are these all AHLCG or are some the board game? A lot of the events don’t have descriptions up yet.

AHLCG only.

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Our Path to Carcosa campaign continued with The Last King. While I was lucky enough to draw both of my guns, I got hit by Corrosion 3 times, which ate both of them. Combine this with the fact that Curtain Call added two tablets to our chaos bag, and Mark and Sefina (now wielding an Ornate Bow) kept drawing them, so they kept running into their sanity limit. So eventually we just ran out of ability to deal with monsters and were forced resign before fully interviewing a 3rd VIP. So we ran out the door, punching one of the guests along the way, shouting, “Worst party ever!”

I’m thinking of doing
Saturday morning: The (BIG) Blob That Ate Everything
Saturday afternoon: Arkham Adversarial Draft
Sunday morning: The COVID Mask (didn’t get a ticket soon enough)
Sunday afternoon: Labyrinths of Lunacy Stream The Blob That Ate Bedtime

Anyone going to those events want to team up?

Are you already on the Farkham Discord? There’s a #looking-for-group channel to meet up with people. I think Fylion (Mike) might also be looking for other people. I’ll check with him.

I’m in the discord but am reaching out to my gaming forums first as a fun thing we can do together. :slight_smile:

I decided I don’t want to make a spectacle of myself on a stream, so who’s up for the Sunday Blob That Ate Bedtime? :slight_smile:

Thanks for telling me about (Far)kham! An ex-coworker of mine saw me playing in Saturday’s Blob. We played Pandemic Legacy 1 and 2 together but lost touch when he moved to SFBA. We played in the Sunday Blob together and plan to game more. :smiley:

It only took 3 attempts at the Blob, but my investigator finally survived!

Also, 2v2 adversarial draft is cool.

Carcosa, The Unspeakable Oath: Our Mark Harrigan finally saved up enough xp for Key of Ys and turned into an unstoppable monster.

Carcosa, A Phantom of Truth: Mark couldn’t find his Key and was fairly hampered the last half of the game by two Frozen in Fear, which no one had cards to help him with, and then by Sophie’s bad side. But my Lola got to play Will to Survive twice in clutch situations, so yay.

Forgotten Age, The Untamed Wilds: That went more smoothly than I expected, and my Calvin deck held up well. I’ve been told to not expect this to happy state of affairs to continue.


I’m glad you had fun and that I was able to match make! :laughing:

That’s so cool that you reconnected that way! I’ll have to tell Scott (one of the MB co-hosts and co-designer of the adversarial draft game mode) that story.

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Scott said “Oh wow, awesome! Thanks for telling me!”

FarkhamCon was a really fun virtual convention. Much like with SU&SD, the tone and atmosphere is set by the organizers, who are silly and fun and positive.

The site used to organize the blob game can be freely used by anyone, so Fylion and I are planning to get one going for AwSHUX!

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Finally got a chance to play through the first scenario of the opening box. It’s a pretty good tutorial really. Felt like just enough choices and opportunities for failure.

Hope to play the next one soon. Maybe around June 2021? =P

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