Tekeli-Li spotted in the wild


… from Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Also image on side, don’t know why …


There are at least three different ways of indicating in the file that a JPEG should be rotated before you view it. This forum software understands some but not all of them. The photos off my phone work here. The photos off some other people’s don’t. (And if the axis of photography is close to vertical, the phone may make the wrong decision about which tag to attach.)

Typically a phone camera encodes fairly directly off the sensor (modulo white balancing etc.) and then puts a tag on saying “actually, view this with that side at the top”. Which is weird in a way, because a JPEG can actually be rotated without re-encoding, and it’s not even all that computationally expensive.

I have posted other photos from the same device which have worked out fine. Anyway, let’s not bury the lede - Tekeli-Li lives! … not rally, he’s a vampire

Beeped some boops and spun the png.


Ta - should probably blur as a spoiler?

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Blast it! I believe I’ve edited now to do so.