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I’m not a fan of semantic whitespace either. I’m pretty comfortable with dropping out of multiple blocks at the same time in languages with parentheses though (mostly because that’s normal for Lisp, and there’s no real ambiguity, or any chance of a whitespace typo changing the meaning of that code).

My webmail client (the one I’m stuck with for the mail provider in question) turned out to have the most annoying whitespace-related feature (that is not possible to disable), whereby it ‘helpfully’ inserts a unicode zero-width joiner after (or before; I forget) the hyphen when rendering hyphenated words in email.

I managed to commit and push a change full of these zero-width characters (only documentation, at least), after copying and pasting from an email discussion about the docs in question. Someone else spotted it, thanks to an editor config (that I immediately started using) which turns zero-width characters into highly-visible thin red bars in my text editor.

For any Emacs users, the config is:
(set-⁠face-⁠background 'glyphless-⁠char "red")

Haha, but I jest – it’s actually:
(set-face-background 'glyphless-char "red")

(I.e. without the WORD JOINER character after each hyphen ; )


Sixth run failed because of a build machine reboot.


Edit: It finally finished successfully! :tada:


Stereotyping horribly:

In the *ix world: reboots are things that get planned and announced, ideally days beforehand.

In the Windows world: something isn’t quite working right, reboot and see if that fixes it before we do any actual troubleshooting.


No stereotype if it’s true?

But in the *ix world you can just edit all the config files while in your really great console… while windows had to introduce pseudo-ix (wsl) to even get close to that and even with the registry not being the all-seeing-eye of Sauron anymore it is still awful to get at the details of what might be wrong–even when you kind of know that it has to be XYZ… it is just easier to reboot. It was never meant to be a server OS and it isn’t.


In the Kubernetes world: “Turning it off and on again” as the solution to problems with unknown causes is now such a necessary requirement that we built our entire infrastructure around automating that.


This makes me sad, for a number of reasons, but it’s the right thing for lots of problems at scale. Disposable stateless compute nodes solve so many problems.

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fully parenthesized polish notation is so clearly the correct solution to the problem, it infuriates me that people can’t be bothered to adopt it. Coupled with an editor that doesn’t suck, it’s easier to deal with than anything else, and easier to read. In the modern world, it’s easy to have commit-time style checks that keep nonsense htat’s imporperly formatted from making it into the repo.


Every three weeks we have our Sprint Review and Retrospective meetings. They take about two hours and are all booked at the start of the year.

Normally I spend the morning chasing up work items and preparing for the meeting. So what has my boss done? Invited me to a meeting in the hour before (over lunch) and a two hour meeting right after.

No thanks.

Edit: He’s also suggested holding the review on-site (rather than virtual) but in a laboratory rather than a meeting room. Also, no thanks.


I expressed my concerns. He suggested I move the Sprint Review…


I see he is very supportive of the development process… -.-
Sorry to hear that.

Our Retro / Review / Planning take place every 3 weeks on a wednesday (aka Mittwoch)… it is called Meetwoch because every team in the organization that has a scrum process is doing it on the same day and nobody expects to be doing anything other than scrum meetings all day long.

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His justification was that his meetings are more important. However, I can’t easily move a meeting for 10 engineers plus another 10 or so stakeholders even if it is virtual. There’s a reason these things are booked in advance.

Saying that, he organised his meetings via text chat while I was talking at this morning’s Stand Up. So we obviously have different styles of doing things. Other than being quite distracting, I didn’t get a chance to weigh in on his proposed time/date.

Think I’ll just be stubborn and not move my meeting. :wink:

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We call this “sprint Wednesday” :running_man:

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And it’s just one of the things I don’t miss about “agile” development.

I put blocks on my calendar for thing like meeting prep, so no one tries to slip in a last minute meeting.


We have a tool (commercial software, not in house). A particular operation generates three pop up alerts as you go through the workflow, warning it can cause data loss, bad breath, hair loss, and other bad outcomes. The api endpoint? Doesn’t even check if you are logged in.


I’m on a training course this week.

Have the stand-ups happened while I’ve been away? Barely.
Did backlog refinement happen without me? No.

When I asked one of the Product Owners if he wanted to reschedule backlog refinement before Sprint Planning on Monday he suggested we wing the session or cancel it.


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I finally moved the Sprint Review and got asked by my boss why I’d moved it.


We had another go at backlog refinement this morning. Both the Product Owners turned up but showed absolutely zero interest in getting stories ready for our Planning meeting on Monday. So we have nothing to estimate.

Don’t know why I bother.


Last week was a 4-day week, so in the past two weeks there have been 9 working days, in which time I have done 15 days worth of work. (I did not work over the long weekend, and I am not going to work this weekend). I am getting the overtime back as time-in-lieue (otherwise I would not have done this), but while I like bonus holidays, I will still be happy if this doesn’t continue for the entire remaining two weeks of the project…


Been catching up with this thread and reading posts from mid 2021. Made me remember all the stuff in IT that I had to deal with until I was dismissed last October. Makes me very glad that I’m now semi retired and working as a Charity Shop van driver, and some-time helper at my local games shop.

By the way, is the title meant to be ironic?


Possibly :wink:


I am so sorry. :joy: