Tabletop Scotland 2023, 25-27 August

Just booked my hotel for this one too. I’ll be driving up on Friday, on past form getting in about 6pm, and home on Monday. (Yes, I will take orders for the Tebay Services farm shop.)


Any game requests? I’m Firedrake at BGG and my collection there is up to date.

Current plan to be there with friends this Saturday; will say hello @RogerBW but if anyone else there let me know.

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Interested if you see the stowii stand if the table seems up to much, saw it as a nice alternative to a permanent table that I could bring into the homestead.

Happy to take a look but I don’t see them on the floor plan.

Not sure where they are but if this helps.

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Ok looks like M06-07.

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There is a Kickstarter later this year. Looks like a way for me to get a game table without replacing an existing table. Curious on it’s stability and build quality.

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Had a chat with them as they were setting up.My impressions: good quality laminate, well finished. (Those are their show prototypes of course.) The packed unit (standard reference size 12 foot for scale) is about 20kg; that doesn’t include the light bar sides, or the mat, which go in an over-the-shoulder tube.
You do want to use a mat, because it’s multiple small slabs with gaps between them. You can tell where they are running a hand across the mat, but there aren’t serious ridges between plates.
The edge bits like card and token holders are held in place by the light bars, so if you don’t use the sides those bits won’t be locked in place.
It does wobble when you shove it, but it feels to me like “fair” wobble, and while you probably wouldn’t want to sit on a corner it won’t topple with a mild shove (I did ask before I tried it). Legs are slotted into that core cube and come out to about 40% of the span from centre to edge. Those are the diagonal things on the side of the cube. There’s a reasonable amount of space inside it for accesories.
They struck me as pleasant people, which I know isn’t essential but it helps. If I had the space for it I’d be tempted.


Given the state of our current “gaming table” (one of the legs keeps falling off), the size of our house, and the fact that we’re considering buying a campervan, I’m very tempted.

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Amazing. Appreciate the thorough investigation.

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Good to see you yesterday @RogerBW and sorry it was only a flying visit.

The show was much busier than last year

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I had to bail out on Sunday morning to get back in reasonable shape for ZatuCon on Monday. Great to see you again and I’ll do my best to turn up to whatever happens in future. (I understand the venue’s continued existence is in doubt.)