SVWAG 299 made my skin crawl

Just started this episode and got a cryptocurrency advert at the start. I’ve been very relaxed about them moving to adverts as they may well have costs and I can skip them. However after the collapse recently proving that crypto’s a combination between a pyramid scheme and a way to wash the dirtiest money this one made my skin crawl. The way it was styled as well was predatory. Uuurrrgghhhh. Maybe I should join the patreon to make Bigney explain from the point of view of an ethicist the morality of advertising this filth.


I agree that they should not be advertising crypto, but I’m willing to give SVWAG the benefit of the doubt here, as they have mentioned that they don’t directly control what gets advertised.
They have to explicitly disapprove a category of ads or they might get used, so it’s very possible they just missed it instead of actively endorsing it. I also know SVWAG invites listeners to email them if they take issue with an advert, so you can let them know without having to join the Patreon and call them out.


They might also not have access to particularly specific categories, so they couldn’t easily pre-empt it. eg There not being a “cyptocurrency” category, so they’d instead have to remove the whole “finance” category.

In the podcast notes I’m pretty sure it says something along the lines of “if you think we’ve advertised something bad tell us”.

I think my reaction was “huh this is weird” especially in the same episode (I think) they mentioned some picture in a game they didn’t like and said they’d keep mentioning they didn’t like it. I found that a bit much they say they accept and forgive the guy (as they say) but they instead keep bringing up the guys Indescretion.