Sustainable Games with Andrew Navaro, Dorfromantik, Ancient Realm, Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold


What if we don’t make games that last forever is the question Andrew Navaro, head of Earthborne Games is asking us. His answer is Earthborne Rangers, a game that will perish, but not before it lands on our doorsteps.

On this episode of Talk Cardboard we interview Andrew about Earthborne Rangers and his vision for a more eco-responsible board game scene.

We’ve also got reviews for Spiel des Jahres winner Dorfromantik: The Board game that’s all about a chill time laying tiles, Ancient Realms - a little game that fits in your pocket from the designer of Sprawlopolis and Aeon’s End: Legacy of Gravehold - big legacy campaign deckbuilder that’s more ambitious than it is impressive.

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On to the timestamps:

5:16 Audience Correspondence: Obsession

13:59 Ancient Realm

28:02 Dorfromantik: The Board Game

39:53 Audience Correspondence: NPI Directed by

43:43 Sustainable Board Games with Andrew Navaro (Interview)

1:15:09 Aeon’s End: Legacy of Gravehold

1:40:46 Audience Correspondence: Rulebook Assessment

I can’t say they’re being unfair to Aeon’s End, but there are some people it grabs and there are some people it doesn’t. (It didn’t grab SU&SD either. Or SVWAG. It did grab me, at least on second exposure.)

It’s certainly true that the turn order deck can make things swingy.

I think some of the problems with terminology come because the game’s prowords (as in “destroy = return the card to the box”) were established before the Legacy version was thought of - but that could easily be sorted with a better manual. (Legacy content can be played with other material from the greater Aeon’s End system, so compatibility makes sense - unlike the situation with many legacy games I do actually hear of people doing this…)

For what it’s worth the recommendation of the BGG community is mostly that you not start with either Legacy box, unless you’re a really huge fan of Legacy games in general.