SU&SD's Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - The Best Board Games for your Table


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The link to a £50 crokinole board on Zatu feels like a link to disappointment.



Trying something new today! This is our first ever video podcast, so if you're getting this in audio format, enjoy?! Or pop over to our website or YouTube for the video version and to see our obviously hilarious faces. Full game list with links to all these reviews on our website as well:

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Admin note - I’ve rolled this post in with the other as it’s the same content in a different format.


Although there’s some good games covered here, my main take away is that a sequel to Search for Planet X is on the way. Very excited for that.


Return to Dark Tower is so staggeringly expensive that I don’t know if even I could justify it.

Maybe if my Xmas bonus is, like, $2k (more than twice what it has ever been). MAYBE I would consider it. But yikes, that’s a big ol’ thing.


I would love to try it, which typically means I would need to buy it as no one else I know is going to. But I think this one I can bypass. Maybe if it showed up cheap someday. Because most likely I would struggle to get it to the table. Looks really neat though.

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I share Matt’s verdict, which is that it is a good, neat game that is too expensive to really recommend. It’s definitely staying in my collection though. And getting expanded as they expand it.

(It was significantly cheaper during the KS fwiw.)

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It also is a solid family game if you’re willing to do some coaching.

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