Su&sd - we love the moon


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Okay, I love SU&SD. I love Matt! What’s not to love.

But is it just me, or was he kinda all over the place for this one? “I love this! But I hate this. But then THIS counters THAT but THIS is really fiddly but fiddly in a really satisfying way that’s very annoying especially since it’s so fun!”

… what!?

I get that he liked it (I mean, the Recommends is proof of that). But did he seem a bit more random than usual?

Anyway. I think I’ll grab this one. I liked Villagers, but didn’t love it, and I skipped right over Streets, but I love me some plastic-infused-semi-dystopian-sci-fi.


Agreed. The point came across and I enjoyed the video. Felt like the structure was a bit confusing. Teasing a complaint amongst the praise didn’t help.