Stroboscope: an episodic campaign

Various members of the Whartson Hall crew have had life happening and been unavailable for games, so @Shimmin and I put together a game explicitly designed to be episodic and played when some of us aren’t available.

It’s sort of loosely related to GURPS Infinite Worlds . Loosely.

Session 0: Nobody Ever Takes Common Sense: Character generation

Session 1: I Didn’t Actually Take Accursed: Hold on, WHAT sort of establishment is this?


As a complementary aside to the character generation episode, back in the white wolf days, we took to calling it the “overconfident merit” rather than flaw because was so common and seemed to work in character’s favor.


The true GM’s helper disadvantage package is Curious, Impulsive, Overconfident, and Unlucky.

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… and Incompetence (Explosives). :boom:

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“Why are you two still down there, rather than in this cool balloon?”

“We’re the half of the party that isn’t Overconfident.”


“Why are you two still on shore, rather than aboard this cool ship?”

“We’re the members of the party who aren’t Unlucky.”

“Are you kidding? Of course we’re lucky, we just won a contest! We got exclusive tickets to this luxury passenger liner that’s about to set off on her maiden voyage!”

“We know. It’s called the Titanic.”

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“And nobody’s going to be asking awkward questions like ‘why is the ship’s safe empty’ until we’re all long dead!”