Standard retail markup for RPGs?

Does anyone here happen to know the typical markup from wholesale prices to retail? I’m looking to sell a lot of games at the moment and might try one of the shops that take secondhand books, but they generally want you to suggest the price you’re after. Obviously this would be easier if I had an idea of how much extra a store would need to raise the price by. Thanks for your help.

I have found that secondhand shops pay pennies on the dollar when buying used games/books. Though more time consuming, you are better off trying to find direct buyers if you want to get your money’s worth.

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Yeah, unless they are rare, most 2ndhand shops are paying a pittance.

Going by comments on BGG, the best places to sell boardgames are related Facebook groups, BGG’s own marketplace, and eBay, in roughly descending order. Assuming RPGs go similarly, RPGGeek does have a marketplace section, though I’ve never tried it.

What about putting them into the bring and buy at either UKGE, or Dragonmeet. I suppose the downside is you have to buy a ticket. But I don’t know about any other hassles, having only been a customer. Generally the prices are pitched slightly lower than eBay.

I’ve not been to a convention for a while, mainly because I’ve had covid twice and do everything I can to avoid catching it a third time. Even so, travelling to one of the big conventions, buying a ticket and then staying locally for the duration puts this approach it off reach, unfortunately.

I won’t be doing UK Games Expo’s bring and buy again, but if someone else is, they could drop off stuff for you too. Failing that, Tabletop Scotland’s B&B is manageably small and I could be persuaded to drop by your place on the way.

Thing is, I’m aware of the alternatives. I’ve used many of them. What I was hoping was that someone might know the answer to the question I asked.

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Going by my FLGS for what they offered for some used games I was trying to sell, it looked like they offer approximately 1/5th what they will end up charging for the game. I have not tried selling any RPG books, but I’m willing to bet it would be similar. This is, of course, just one store, so very much anecdotal.

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