Spiel des Jahres 2023 nominations

Main prize:
Dorfromantik: The Board Game
Fun Facts
Next Station: London

Planet Unknown

Carla Caramel
Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo’s Treasure

Source: BGG


Was Gigamon just released on Germany? It’s been around for nearly a decade.
(I find it (very mildly) amusing because I work for Gigamon.)

Iki also is an old game. How strange!

That regular list seems so counter to the consensus of those games. I think the London one is well liked but people say dorfromantik is boring and fun facts has some uncomfortable and dumb questions.

Foyles and Waterstones bookshops have both started selling a lot of actual boardgames in the UK (beyond the usual chess / monopoly) and one I keep seeing there now is Iki.

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As every year: yes, games get nominated the year they are published in German. Sometimes it takes a very long time for games to make it to the German market. Despite being so good they get nominated for SdJ.

  • Uncomfortable questions in Fun Facts: I would assume either the game was adapted in translation or cultural differences making this a non-issue (I have not played Fun Facts, sounded to similar to Top10 for me) or maybe the tester’s didn’t test as much or think about it… if it wins I am sure some friends will buy it :wink:

  • Dorfromantik: my FLGS guy highly recommended I try this he said it was the better cooperative Carcassonne. And yet it made it to the “Last Game I didn’t buy thread” for me. I also heard it was not enough of a challenge. I would give it a try but I have so many solo games… and interesting coop games there just isn’t the space on my shelves for what is very likely a dud for me.

  • Challengers: I see why it made the list–I played it at SPIEL and it was highly enjoyable–this would be my pick for SDJ material. (I considered buying this but it needs a lot of players to shine)

  • Iki: I own it but haven’t played–after failing to learn it on my first attempt, which does not speak to the game’s complexity but my lack of brainspace. I saw there was a crowdfunding campaign for an expansion but didn’t back it…

  • Planet Unknown: I am very surprised to see this nominated. It is good. But the price point is an issue both other Kennerspiel nominees are half the price.

  • Next Station London looks like my kind of route building X&write. As it is on BGA that should be easy enough to see :slight_smile: --however there is a whole bunch of this style of game… not exactly an innovation. It looks awfully similar to Voll Verplant.

  • I am disappointed to not see Orichalcum on there but it has not made a big splash and also may not be eligible (yet?).

PS: Heat may also not be eligible. Not sure where the cut-off is.


Disappointed Akropolis wasn’t nominated… I still think it’s cool. :wink:

Next Station isn’t bad, need to play more of that. Sold my Planet Unknown. Had one game of Iki and it didn’t go so well, but maybe I should give it another go. I was excited about it, maybe it’s just a case of expectations not meeting reality.

Played Dorfromantik on the computer, not excited by a board game adaptation. Just looks a bit too relaxed.

Akropolis is on the honorable mentions list (see BGG post)

A bit late to the party here, but I’m guessing Days of Wonder are quite happy about this, as would be any publisher who released late in the year and then failed to meet demand?

Dorfromantik and Challengers won.
And Mysterium Kids.


Of course Dorfromantik won… because we have 50 each of Fun Facts and Next Station in stock and all of our suppliers are out of Dorfromantik for who-knows-how-long.

Argh. Retail sucks.