Space-Cast #12 - Slavery & Emancipation

Dan Thurot’s new podcast ep has a really fascinating discussion on slavery in boardgames with Prof Patrick Rael.

Raises a lot of interesting points about games that include aspects of slavery without acknowledging slavery, and the argument/interaction between games aiming for Historicity versus ethical/moral retribution/contrition. And refreshingly lacking in judgement.

(PS @RogerBW Why is SpaceBiff’s podcast not in the auto thread / RSS type thingy, please???)


Thanks for the tip on this topic. I follow the blog more and often miss the podcast episodes. The ones I have listened to were great.

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Podcast only, or written reviews too?
In its own category, or in a specific thread in boardgames-in-general?

Other opinions also welcome.

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See what others think. I’d say podcasts only as they’re less frequent. Articles might be a bit too frequent for a SUSD forum.


Agree with that, there can be a couple of articles a week at times. If you want to know about all the biff content then his e-mail notification for the site works pretty good.

Yeah, podcasts. I’m not subscribed as not every episode interests me and it usually dives deep

I thought it was an interesting podcast. I wonder if some of the issues with games with slaves if the main verb associated with games wasn’t “play”.

The game they mentioned a few times - and the subject of a previous podcast (“our guilty nation”?) feels like a really interesting case in point in the sense that it tries to model how to nudge a population away from decades of inertial satisfaction towards uncomfortable justness.

In this moment politicians use anger a lot to steamroll themselves into unlimited power. Is there a way to get people to vote for non horrid things?