Should You Buy Slay The Spire: The Board Game?


Matches up with my own thoughts on the game.


The price (and the fact I do not get any games to the table anymore, all my group has scattered) is the main reason I didn’t/haven’t picked this up.

I love Slay the Spire and a co-op version sounds amazing. It’s just … that’s a lot of money for something I can play on my Switch already.

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As someone who has never played the computer game version and therefore has no positive associations with it, is this worth looking into as a purely tabletop experience? The impression I’m getting is “probably not”.

(I know Tom said “go away and play that first”, but I barely do computer games at all.)

I’m not seriously looking for an answer unless someone wants to rave about it; I have a lot of games already and most of them were designed ab initio as boardgames. For example, Ashes or Aeon’s End.

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What Tom said.

I now want to play Slay the Spire digitally again. I‘ll have a look at SPIEL but my interest is mild. It is a great deckbuilder and I am so happy I can get a deckbuilding fix like that on my computer/tablet/switch (yes I have all 3 versions)… I have enough deckbuilders for my table and more than enough campaign games to pester people with…

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