Shogun by Queen Games (Recruitment)

Looking for 4-5 players for our first game! Those of you who know the game… you may find this one real easy for a PBF game. Of the 10 actions you have to decide, pretty much only 3 of them will require your attention to make decisions; 1 movement and 2 battle situations. The rest are set as dictated by your province card for that action.

For more information, check out our other discussion folder. But for now, lets get some players! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll join then!



ps. First time for this boardgame or not?..

@Marx has also signed up… what color did you want? as players signup, can you choose your color please… red, black, yellow, purple, or blue.

I havent played before but I can look up on rules on my spare time


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I will take Black. Thanks!

If you will have me I will play. This is the MB game from the 80s right?

No. This is the one by Queen Games! The one by MB would definitely not be easy for a PBF.

I signed up as well! I will take blue, Uesugi Kenshin

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if @DJCT is still in that would be 4 players and so I’m sure we can get the 5th… Let us know…
DJCT have you played this Queens Game version before? Totally different than the Samurai Swords/Ikusa/Shogun one you are thinking… But much better!!!

Happy to learn and play if you will have me

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@Delwayne asked for a die roll:
okay, that is 4 players. I’ll start a setup for 5 players. We should be able to get one more.
in the mean time… here is the order in which dice is allocated.
@Marx @COMaestro @lalunaverde @DJCT and 5th player.
5d100: 38 + 26 + 48 + 27 + 75 = 214
Everyone does not have to wait on me, just go ahead and tell me (via PM) what your 4 region colors you’d like to start with. (green, red, purple, brown, yellow)
I will randomly assign provinces to all players.

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Ok… I’ll be yellow then…


Hello! Welcome to the forums!

Great! We have our 5th player… Welcome wolfman… @HOLYWOLFMAN7


I’ve got everyone’s choices, I’ll deal out cards tomorrow… I’ve got some meetings to attend tonight…
Also, it will be started in a new Folder as Game#1

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Actually… I need @lalunaverde to pick 4 of the 5 colored regions shown here…

Does everyone understand the process above?

and does everyone understand this one above?

@martinl @COMaestro @lalunaverde @DJCT @HOLYWOLFMAN7