Shogun by Queen Games (GAME 1)

2 to Echigo please(think I am next)!

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4 on Tamba

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@HOLYWOLFMAN7, your pick.

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2 on Omi for me!

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5 at MUSASHI, please

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2 on Harima, please.

@DJCT Your turn!

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next is @DJCT

2 on hitachi please

@COMaestro You’re up!

2 in Kii


2 In NOTO for me…

On to @lalunaverde for their next pick.

2 in MIKAWA pls


3 on Kaga, please and thank you!

Back over to @DJCT

2 in Iwami

And @COMaestro

3 in Ise

@HOLYWOLFMAN7, you are up

4 in Mino for me!

2 in HIDA, pls


3 on Kazusa, please and thank you!

Over to @DJCT

3 in Awa Boso

@COMaestro its you!

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