Self-Promotion, With Or Without Shame

Hi! I’m one of the mods on this board. I’ve moved your post into our self promotion thread. If you read back a bit you can see that some of our members do publish games and let us know about them here.

We really appreciate it if people engage in the community so feel free to jump in on some of the other threads. If you’re just looking for impressions on your game then you might find r/boardgames or one of the BGG forums to be more fruitful.


I’m going to indulge in some ridiculously proud parenting. At the age of 7, after being so nervous last year he was physically sick at the thought of going to class, my youngest stood up in front of 700 people at the theatre, full lights, sounds, and everything, tonight and did not one, but two speaking parts. One of them a monologue. My daughter was also amazing, with a smile that lit up the theatre


If you like board game photos there’s 3,200 posts

1,700 videos

Podcast Google AmassGames

And 2,400+ reviews at BGG :slight_smile:

In person in Reading and elsewhere (with the founder of this group) :smiling_face:

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I finally got enough motivation to record my first cover in seven years: