Secret Santa 2023

A bit later getting started with this than last year!

If you would like to join in with a gift exchange in December, please either PM me or post below.


Sign up by 20/11/2023
Gift value £15-£20 (or equivalent in your local currency)
I’ll use a randomiser to match gifters to giftees
Post gift by 04/12/2023
If you want to join in, please post some ideas for your Santa in this thread (or PM me if you prefer). The ideas should be primarily game related. Links to BGG/RPGG/Steam wishlists are probably the easiest way to convey the information, but are by no means mandatory. Links to local online game shops are also helpful, to avoid exorbitant international shipping/customs fees.


I’m in! Was great fun last year.

I would love Secret Santa to surprise me with a game with a solo mode that they think I would like, as these are the ones getting the most play lately.

Happy with new or second hand.

My Top 25, more or less
Rank Game
1 KeyForge
2 Android: Netrunner
3 Splendor
4 Kingdomino
5 Archer: Once You Go Blackmail…
6 Werewords
7 Alchemists
8 Telestrations
9 Lords of Waterdeep
10 Wingspan
11 Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
12 Avenue
13 Wits & Wagers: It’s Vegas Baby!
14 Ex Libris
15 Just One
16 Terraforming Mars
17 Lovelace & Babbage
18 Radlands
19 Lady Richmond: Ein erzocktes Erbe
20 Kingdomino Duel
21 Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig
22 Myrmes
23 Nine-minute Kingdom
24 Concordia
25 Carnival of Monsters
Games already owned / ordered

Thanks for organising again @Whistle_Pig!


Much as I would love to, money is a bit tighter this year after car repairs and such, so I’m going to have to pass this time around.


I was wondering actually if a card exchange might be better this year, since I imagine quite a few of us could do with saving a bit of cash. Is that something that would work for people?


I’d be up for a card exchange

I’d be up for it or a card exchange.

I’d be in for cards, UK or international.