RSS Feed Problems

I use Feedbin to subscribe to my RSS feeds and I’ve had issues specifically with Shut Up & Sit Down’s feed ( since January, specifically I’m no longer getting new content. I reached out directly to the developers today and they suggested your CloudFlare configuration is causing problems with the feed and that this setting would fix it.


Any chance you could try it out?

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Hi @wesbaker, welcome to the forums!

For setting requests like this, it’s best to use the email address.

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Yeah, I’m afraid we are not in any way part of the SU&SD organisation.

They have history with this - for several years they had anti-DDoS precautions on their web site (basically a bit of javascript your browser had to run before getting the actual page) which meant RSS feeds were completely useless. For what it’s worth it’s working for me at the moment with rss2email, pointed at the URL you gave.