Rob Daviau Talks Legacy, Empire's End, Ready Set Bet, Mind Space


It’s a new episode of the Talk Cardboard podcast and I feel great! Rejuvenated even because today’s games are light, breezy, quirky and fun.

And what’s a breezier topic than the collapse of an empire? Just the thought of that warmed something inside of me, like a cozy blanket gently touching the fireplace and setting aflame. If you too would like to partake in some famine, pestilence, war, etc. you might want to give Empire’s End a spin. And if that wasn’t cozy enough, how about some real time horse gambling? Honestly, all that cozyness put my brain in a twist. Thankfully, we’re also covering Mind Space.

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On to the timestamps:

1:16 Audience Correspondence - Singapore 1819

3:33 Empire’s End

13:17 Audience Recommendations

14:49 Ready Set Bet

26:06 Rob Daviau Talks Legacy Games

45:00 Mind Space

56:40 Audience Correspondence - All Time Favourites