Return of the Obra Dinn has absoltely captivated me and you should play it

I’m not expecting any repsonses here, but Return of the Obra Dinn (available on everything), is absolutely one of the best and most captivating games there is. I went in blind and am so glad I did- seriously avoid all reviews and videos until you’ve played it.

If you do want more information- it’s a beautifully stylised detective game in which you play as an insurance investigator on a ship. That’s enough.


I have heard nothing but rave reviews!

If I could erase my memory of a single game so that I could play it through fresh again, it would be this one. Even over a year afterward it still pops into my head as such a unique and incredible experience.

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A friend of mine is going through it. He’s also been recommending it. Seems like as soon as I put down Hades I’ll have to pick it up!
Thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile:

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HI EVERYONE! Did I ever mention I love logic puzzles???

Obra Dinn is FANTASTIC. My one annoyance is that you have to physically go around the ship to see the different scenes, and walking is slooooowwww and opening up the scene is even slllooowwwer. So many of the puzzles require cross referencing between information in different scenes, but it’s so cumbersome to switch between them and it isn’t always obvious which scene to refer to. It made me fall off at a certain point when the hassle overcame any enjoyment or progress.

I understand in interviews that was intentional to maintain the ship as a physical space, but it really got in the way of the gameplay for the more complex puzzles. It’s up there with The Witness for requiring a notebook to jot down ideas and descriptions!

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Just started it, and been really enjoying it. One difficulty I’ve been finding is the sound of the waves lulling me to sleep when I’m playing later after early starts for work :pensive:


Had a day off work yesterday and basically sat blitzing through the whole game. Brilliant. Just need a second run through for the trophy making the records right by the company now to 100% it

On sale on steam now.