Recommendation for lockdown birthday party game

I want to be able to run an online birthday party with a game geek flavour, but possibly with some normal people as well. We will all join a discord server and take it from there. Here are my parameters:

  • should be quick to play, so multiple games can be played, and people who arrive late/leave early can join/leave without stress.
  • should be fun and easy to learn. Also easy to install. Ideally playable on a phone.
  • should not favour skilled players too much. Or, alternatively, players who aren’t very good can be on a team. Ideally a game that nobody has played before, but which is nonetheless easy and fun.
  • (for reason above) team games would be best
  • flexible/largish player count.

Here are my ideas so far:

  • Among Us. Perfect, but max players 10.
  • Good, but max 8 players
  • Teeworlds. Might just be the best option. Bit of a pain to set up, but I can run a server. 16 players max, which is ideal.
  • A bit long and a bit tricky for newcomers, but most know it. Max players 10
  • Mario Kart would be good, but some people are just too good at it.

What multiplayer online easy/fun team game for flexible player counts from about 8-16 am I missing? Or how can we play Among Us with more than 10 players?


I am not sure about phone but we’ve had tons of fun with and it plays however much you want and allows for conversation (although it drives me nuts thinking of a hint to give while everyone else is talking).

A friend of mine recently suggested Drawful or other Jackbox games for remote gaming but we haven’t tried it yet but the description says it’s a party game and it works on tablets at least…

Edit: Found more:
There is an online implementation of CaH–meh.
But also Spyfall:

Thanks for the list anyway, I can use some of these :slight_smile:


There’s a bunch of stuff on here:

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Update: we played Codenames (thanks @yashima) with 12 players, then Among Us after some people had to go. Overall it was a success.

We also started with The Google Maps Game, which a friend introduced, and which deserves a wider audience. The rules are these:

  • name a country
  • name a thing you might conceivably be expected to see in that country
  • find it on Google Maps (street view/photos)
  • first to post a link wins and chooses the next challenge

Some examples: a baguette in France (took a surprising amount of time); a photo of Kim in North Korea (dead easy - there’s almost nothing in Google Maps in North Korea so there’s about a 20% chance in every photo); a person holding a gun in the USA (not super-easy, but didn’t take all that long); a priest in the Vatican (amazingly almost impossible)

It’s a game that can be played with any number of people for any length of time, with the only proviso that everyone can access Google Maps. So it’s ideal when waiting for someone to turn up or sort out their Discord account.