Recent Boardgames (Your Last Played Game Volume 2)

I played Nemesis Lockdown as the Janitor and wow, did I get nightstalked. This was a 30 minute affair. :sweat_smile:

I popped an encounter right at the end of turn one, pulling a larvae token and failing my check (lights out!), earning an infestation right out of the gates. I hoofed it down to the power room to buy some time using my janitor’s key, and then pushed into the next few rooms.

I found the testing lab, where I could have grabbed a (now critical) neutralizer item… if it was operational. I could fix it with one of my action cards… had I not just called in an adult intruder from the technical corridors. Once again I failed my ambush check and by the end of that round I was double-eviscerated. I was too hurt to run, so I decided to take it on, but when I hit, the bloody thing scurried off back into the vents (off the board, back in the bag, and all healed up).

I like to think it was the same “clever girl” that jumped in and finished the job as I limped up the stairwell to section 2.

In true Nemesis fashion, I was actually within striking distance of my objective (take an egg with me and launch in an escape pod), but that’s assuming a massive turn in fortune and a ridiculous series of what-ifs. Just wrecked. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My second solo attempt went much better than my first yesterday. (Vengeance Roll& Fight because I keep buying games mentioned on SVWAG)

I would either play this as opener before playing Roll Camera or Zombicide (if we ever get around to playing my 2nd edition campaign)


Cat in the Box - amazing game! One of my faves this year. Easily in my top 5 trick takers. :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:

Root - 3 player game with the Cats, Birds, and Otters. Awesome game. Very annoying rules clarification regarding the otters. Relearning the rules is fine as we all played Root before. But the simplicity of Cthulhu Wars is what made me switch teams.


Did you play with white side or purple side or both? We played white and then purple and I much prefer the latter, so much so that I don’t think I’ll even bother with the white side for anyone.


Finished up a BGA game of Palaces of Carrara. Solid title but amazing, off the purchase list it goes.


We played a game! Chicago Express. I won, so instantly assumed that we played it wrong. Simple mechanics of auction, build track, develop towns, get dividends.

Think we were all a bit loose with money, so the companies were flush which meant they could build lots. Definitely some over paying going on. I enjoyed it, would definitely play again.

Much easier to grok than async on BGA.


White side. One plays so far. Purple seems more interesting, so will try that next


I prefer purple because it mitigates luck of the draw a little, in that if you draw a hand full of 7s and 8s on the white side, you will not only make your bid and get more points for it, you’ll have an effortless area there as well. On the purple side, you would have to be more intentional in linking your cards together, which may make you more vulnerable to others getting in the way.


Kingdom Builder Big Box 2nd ed - excellent! Excellent as usual! A bit more rules weight than a Knizia with all the special powers I have to look into across FOUR expansions. But I thought it was great. The game is still light weight and messes me up in a good way.

Fool! - fun trick taker where if you’re last, you are the Fool abd you have to sit out the next turn until a new Fool is designated.

Relationship Tightrope - an old version of Zen Master. ZM was bad when I played it before I got into trick taking. Today, now that I am into trick takers: RT is still ****.

Trendy - Aaaahhh the Japanese edition is so much better. The theme is very cute and the cards are much more readable than Whale Riders: the Card Game

El Capitan - Wolfgang Kramer is one of the co-designers. Very interesting game of area majority where there is a degree of “obsoleting” trade houses and the area majority scoring is very dynamic where it is very dependent on how many trade houses everyone built. In a way, El Capitan haa ideas that made me fall in love with Cube Rails. I really like it, it is a very indirect game, and want to play more of it. But not sure if it can fit in my collection.

Knights of Charlemagne - 3 player spin off of Battle Line/Schotten Totten. Good game, but it was just good so I sold it there and then to one of my friends.

Poison - same as Trendy. The Japanese edition is smaller, more readable, and has a cute theme. But the Uberplay edition gets pts for the nice dark theme.


@lalunaverde you didn’t mention Go, I was wondering what your take on it is.

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Flamecraft, first play, KS game. A very cute game about very cute dragons. The board is a street with shops. On your turn, you visit a shop, and you can either gather or enchant there. Gathering gains you resources at that shop (and from any dragons that may be there). You can also add your dragon to the shop when you gather. You can fire up a dragon, which means using it’s special ability. There are six colours of dragon, each with it’s own ability. Finally, you can do the ability of the shop if there is one. To enchant, you pick one of the available enchanting cards, paying the required resources. You can also fire up all the dragons at that shop. It’s a pretty easy game to pick up. Felt like a bit of a point salad, most actions get your points. And it was a close game as well.

Kick-Ass: The Board Game, first play. This is a co-operative game, based on the comics of the same name. You have nine rounds to complete three events, and the final boss. Each round has an event phase, and then a day phase, which has three turns. In each turn, you spawn more minions, and then the players get to act. There’s an incoming track, which determines how many minions come out. The minion cards have three locations, and you place a minion in each one. Each location on the board has spaces for minions, if all the spaces are full, they overflow into an adjacent area. Eventually minions will reach City Hall, and if that’s full – it’s game over.

We started with the “easiest” boss, Red Mist. Each day a new event comes out, and the other events move a space to the right… If an event moves off the board, the bad guys win that mission, and something bad happens to the heroes. Each location has a special ability you can access by moving there, and a bonus if you clear out all the bad guys from there. This was hard – damn hard. You start with nothing but your characters equipment, so Kick-Ass has his sticks. Equipment can give you red (attack) and blue (defense) dice. No-one had any blue dice, so everytime we had a fight, the bad guys would do damage to us. And damage is calculated first, unlike a lot of other games where you can kill bad guys and then they can’t attack back.

You also have four tracks, happiness, strength, social media, and health. If you lose too much happiness, you turn over one of your hardship cards, which will disadvantage you in some way. My character lost happiness whenever he had a fight, I guess it’s not much fun. We actually called the game a couple of hours in, it wasn’t going well, we would have lost for sure. We cleared the first event, but the others were tough. We had a mini-boss come out, that wasn’t going to end well. Overall – fun, but a bit tough. I don’t mind a hard co-op game, they shouldn’t be too easy, but this seemed a bit much.

Four Humours, not sure if I’ve really warmed to this yet. It’s a bit of fun I guess.

Break the Code, had a terrible game of this, figured out almost nothing.

Photograph, aka Wind The Film. Great little filler game. You have a 16 cards laid out, four by four grid. The outside cards are face up. You can take one, two, or three cards from a row. They have to go at the front of your hand. This is another of those games where you can’t change the order of your cards. You do get to move one card forward in your hand, but that’s it. Then you have to play cards from the back of your hand, the same number as the cards you added. What you’re trying to do is make sequences of the same colour, in either ascending or descending order. But you can only place a card if it’s within three of the previous card. So if you had a value one card, you could add to the sequence with a four, but not a five. At the end of the game you score for the number of cards in each colour. I find it a bit tricky, don’t think I’ve ever won. The winner had a score of 57, next player was 20, and finally me on a pathetic 7 points.


Last night my wife and I played Lost Cities, which in a break from recent tradition, I won 107 - 87.

Then today we played two games of Kingdomino. I won the first, 36 - 23, and she won the second, 44 - 33.

Just a couple of simple, easy games so far this weekend, but they are what we had the time and mental space for.


I’m thinking of swapping editions for this reason

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Just played Eclipse. First edition and it was very, very boring. Just play Cthulhu Wars instead, it’s significantly better.


I keep neglecting online plays.

Go - played a couple of games with a friend of mine and @Benkyo . Beaten on both plays, but it was a nice reintroduction to the game. This is easily my fave 2 player abstract. The game is wide open. The game is also opaque that I can’t comment much about it, unlike, say an 18xx title that I have played 10 times at least. I doubt even the GIFP series would compare, but keen to try those too.

I would be keen on playing this regularly.

Railways of the World - been playing ROTW with the OG Guild. We explored the other maps and they are all interesting to play. The vicious ones are the resource poor maps that getting a good delivery length is a game changer.

El Grande another play with the OG Guild.

Patchwork - the balancing act between spaces, buttons, and time is very interesting. Yeah, sure it’s a bit solitaire-ish, but I think it’s one of Rosenberg’s better titles.

Tigris & Euphrates - plays with the OG Guild helped me achieve 10 plays of T&E

Space Station Phoenix - played with @yashima . I try to just get the grip of the game and found myself generating a good rate of “purple swirly points”, then told by Yashima that I’m racking a lot of VPs. Oh. Those are VPs.

It was one game of exploring so I have no solid thoughts on this game, but I am not keen on owning it.

Equinox - glad to have this online. Knizia and his team seem to finally understand that having their games online for free is actually a good thing.


Thurn and Taxi

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers - this is probably the best Carc spin-off. I need to play Carc the City

Battle Sheep - mentioned on Hidden Gems podcast. Good but I highly prefer Terra Nova (not to be confused with the upcoming game)

Medina 2nd ed - good game of chicken. I’m kinda done with it though.

18xx ramblings

1828 - this is now one of my fave games of this year and also one of my fave games ever. There’s an interesting thing where the last non-perma trains are called “3+D” - meaning they stop for 3 cities and unlimited towns, and then they double their revenue. This seems to solve the “Poison 4” dilemma with 1830-style games. This now leads to a fight between players who own 3+D’s and want to keep them alive and players who owns perma trains and want to kill these silly trains.

I kept playing this as it is only available for PnP. This is now one of my goals in the future to print and play


5-player session today. Didn’t have anything new/unplayed that did 5 players, so just older stuff.

Startups - Only managed to play this once before, back before the pandemic started. Had to restart after the first round as I messed up the anti-monopoly rules. Nice tight little game. No idea how to play it well, but that’s pretty standard for me with stock-based games.

Oriflamme - Still great and goes a lot quicker than you think it will. Played without the stacking rule as that overcomplicates it for people who haven’t played before. You end up with a massive queue of cards though!

Inis - I don’t know if I’d say this is my favourite game, but it’s definitely one I always really want to play. Despite players saying they were confused, the game went well and there was lots of movement around victory conditions. Particularly pleased with a couple of plays I made and I came away with a win :smiley:

Marvel Villainous - Two players left, so I suggested this. Went awkwardly - I managed to not make the same rules mistake as last time, but did make some others. I struggled as Hela as I needed people to defeat heroes so I could collect soul marks, but having heroes in their domains weren’t hindering the other characters’ victory conditions (Ultron and Taskmaster).


Same. I played another game at the same time. I lost both. Somehow I want to compare it to last year’s Rio Grande Space-SF release ‘Beyond the Sun’. But except for the theme the similarities are probably accidental.

The idea is that you build a space station. Everyone starts with a unique “center” piece that gives a bit of a unique “player power”. Each space station gets up to 9 parts to build in 3 levels that get more and more expensive. As you build parts you also settle humans and aliens on the station. There are 4 resources: “credits”, steel, water and a plant symbol that is probably food. You need credits to pay for actions represented by your fleet of ships that you will end up tearing down to obtain steel. From steel you build the station and the other two resources are needed to invite people into your station. Each station part you build may give you some additional bonusses. The actions are “build station part”, “trade for resources”, “do diplomacy” (advances some tracks for bonusses), “tear down a ship for resources”, “invite new people to your station” or pass to get income. The game ends when one of 3 end-states is reached: someone finished their station, out of aliens to invite, or … (I forget the last). The winner is determined by a pointy salad from the purple swirly points you obtain during the game, some majorities (who has the most aliens of a certain color), the station parts you built and probably more.

The first 2 plays–without really reading the rules–felt a bit meandering. I would play again but also feel no need to own it. It is quite the solitaire except you can use your opponent’s ships (aka action spaces) for your action. I would like to see how play changes now that I know the rules.


The major interaction is with the area majority on every alien population type. Thats the thing that allowed you to get very close to me on the final scores.

On following games, I would be paying attention on how many aliens and which type that people have in their own stations


Same reason I completely lost the the other game. Really, reading the rules before playing a game might sometimes be helpful. And I tried but–as previously stated–I have a hard time learning games without having the actual game in front of me.

It felt like I have played similarish games a few times before. Sure there is the theme and the reduction of your own action space to get at the resources. It feels like thin ice to rest a whole game–and an expensive one at that–on that concept.


some of us here had a go on it in BGA and I think there is a lot of interaction but it needs to be on a table to really feel it. It’s seems like there’s an interesting timing aspect and you can theoretically really bugger up someone’s plans if you jump on one of their actions (because in the moment they are gem poor and need to use their areas but you are gem rich and can use anyone’s powers).

The challenge is keeping that in mind over a multi day BGA game and also being able to feel some of the details (e.g. how rich someone is, what action spaces they have).