Railroad Ink game modes/modifications

Simply because I’m trying to keep track of all the options…

Base game:

  • original (route dice set A, 7×7 board, no buildings, 7 rounds, 0-1 expansions)
  • Challenge (route dice set B, 7×7 board, Factory/Village/University, optionally goal cards, 7 rounds, 0-1 expansions)
  • Solo (route dice set B [implied], 7×7 board, Factory/Village/University, Research Lab, optionally goal cards, 7 rounds, 0-1 expansions)
  • Giant (route dice set A or B, 9×9 board, Factory/Village/University, 12 rounds, 0-2 expansions)
  • Epic (route dice set A or B + 2 more basic route dice, 11×11 board, Factory/Village/University, Mountains, 10 rounds, 0-1 or 2? expansions)
  • Draft mode (one core box per player, 7×7 board, 0-1 expansions)

Optionally for any 7×7 game: blueprint cards


  • Red: Meteor, Lava
  • Blue: River, Lake
  • Green: Forest, Trail
  • Yellow: Desert, Canyon
  • Arcade: Pluck-Man, Tetromino, Galactic Invaders, Rainbow
  • Eldritch: Ritual, Portal, Tentacle, Investigation
  • Electricity: Street Lamps, Power Grid
  • Engineer: Renovation, Special, Construction, Separation
  • Futuristic: City Builder, Superconnection, Alien Farmer
  • Sky: Weather, Airline
  • Underground: Underground

Anyone have an opinion as to whether the Epic board should support 2 expansions? Surely I’ve missed something…

(28 expansions means 378 unordered pairs, which is the number of pages in the expansion combination book. I haven’t counted how many of those are incompatible.)


I’ve used this for working out expansion compatibility on the giant/epic board.


Yup - behind the scenes that jumps you automatically to the right part of the 378-page PDF. :slight_smile:


Thanks to Tom: