Project L test/demo game

What with the new kickstarter and all… anyone fancy giving this a go? Up to six players.


Sure! I’m game.

I would give it a go.

OK. Everyone starts with one yellow-1 and one green-2 piece, and no puzzles.

On your turn you take three actions, which can each be any of:

  • take a puzzle from the table to your play area (maximum 4), and immediately replace it
  • add one piece from your stock to a puzzle (flip or rotate as you see fit)
  • “master”, once/turn: add one piece from your stock to each of more than one puzzle
  • upgrade a piece (1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 or 5), or cross-grade to one at the same level
  • take a new yellow-1 piece
  • discard and re-fill a row

When you complete a puzzle, the pieces are released back to your stock, and you get whatever piece reward is listed at the top right as well as the points at top left.

When the black deck is exhausted, we go into end game, finish the current round and play one more.

At the end, incomplete puzzles are worth their value in negative points; but you can fix this by placing pieces from your stock into the puzzles, which costs one negative point for each piece you play, but lets you add the puzzle to your score pile if you finish it.

I’ll start.

From the white row, I’ll take #1 and #3 (two actions).

Place my green on what was #3, getting no points but another green.

@yashima to play.

So the current color pieces we see are all that exist?
I can see there are multiple “4” pieces. When upgrading do I get to choose?
The numbers with the color pieces mean I get multiples as a reward?

  1. Take top row #4
  2. Place me green piece in it to obtain a 2nd green piece (is this one always available?)
  3. Take top row #2

OK, I laid it out badly. Each puzzle is (a white shape), (a piece reward) and optionally (a point reward). When you fill the shape, you get the points (to your score) and the piece (to add to your stock) - as well as getting back all the pieces you put on the puzzle. (I’ve put together some outlines to make this clearer.)

You have the option of seeing what replaces the puzzle you take before you go for the next one.

So after your first and second actions, the board looks like this:

and you can take that white (top row) #2, or a different one, or do something else, for your last action.

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Top Row #2 is fine.

@Lordof1 to play.

Okay, I’ll try…

Top row 2
See what comes but unless I want the new puzzle then…
put both the green and yellow shapes into it, leaving a single square free block, I think that’s me done,

Let me know if you want to grab the new #2 instead.

Temping but it’ll still take until next turn to fill it so I’ll stick with my original plan.

Action 1: take card white #3.
Action 2: master a green on my #1, yellow on #2.
Action 3: upgrade [nothing] to sweetcorn (yellow).


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i would like to take two puzzles from the top row. for my first 2 actions #2 and #4

can i then add 1 piece to each of the 3 puzzles i then have with that master action? the yellow one to the one if have now and the 2 green pieces to the new puzzles.

if that is a not legal turn i will have to think up another.

Yes, that’s legit.

If you want the pieces placed somewhere else within the puzzles, just say.


Okay, I’ll take top row 2, then I’ll master them up to finish both puzzles. Is that 3 actions or 2?

If it’s 2 (I think it is) I’ll see what puzzle comes up next before I decide.

Oh wait wait… when you use the pieces they’re expended forever? Is that right? I’ve been assuming you kept them but now I think I get it. Okay so new plan…

Move 1 as before. Move 2, magic up a sweetcorn to finish the puzzle. Move 3 see what next puzzle is first.

When you finish a puzzle you get the pieces back.

So that’s ① take puzzle, ② upgrade blank to sweetcorn, ③ place sweetcorn and get all pieces back (including the bonus L-piece).