Progress: Up to a point

We now have four magi (Hubertus of Jerbiton, Diligentus of Guernicus, Acerbus ex Merinita and Uilorad ex Verditus all in good enough shape to run with) and two companions (Garrick Greenman and Roswitha the Nun).

Now, the player who has yet to give us a peep is a close friend so I’m giving him a little more slack. GM’s privilege and all that.

But with a clear idea of the Magi and a vague idea of the Companions I think it’s time to start posting narrative which I plan to do over the weekend when Julia and Corvus the surviving founder members of the covenant greet the newcomers and begin to brief them as to the problems the covenant has and the way the new magi can use those to qualify for full membership.

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