Praul Dean, Wind the Film!, That Time you Killed me, Koi Koi


There are many famous Paul Deans in the world, but today we’re only interviewing one of them. Maybe one day we’ll get a chance to talk to some of the others, but honestly, why bother, we already got the best one. We got a chance to talk to Paul about what it’s like having left the board game industry and how he feels about board games right now.

This is far from the end though. Brace yourselves because you are entering the land of numbers, voxels and vertices and you can only emerge by listening to us review three abstract board games (which may or may not be card games).

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On to the timestamps:

5:53 Audience correspondence - GWT: Argentina, Aeon Trespass Publisher Write-in, Colour Vision Difference

16:06 Wind the Film! (Photograph)

31:11 That Time You Killed Me

44:16 Intereview Guest: Paul Dean

1:19:56 Koi Koi

1:43:48 Audience correspondence - Torturing Efka

Just hearing Paul’s voice is so nice.


An apt guest in a week without any other SUSD content.