Posts lost in server migration

I seem to have lost several posts out of the Hansa Teutonica thread, and most of a DM thread. Is there any chance of getting them back, should I consider them consigned to the void?

I have also lost some posts.

There’s one from BOTC which it’d be handy to know if it was going to pop back again.

Nothing big, and thanks again for running the site

Hmm. Posted when?

I kicked off a full site backup at 0831Z, well after the 0800Z which was the start of the maintenance window, so everything should have been caught in that. That is what was restored to the new site, and thread last-posted times looked right when I glanced at them.

I haven’t wiped the old site data, though, so I can potentially have a poke. Pointers welcome.

I can certainly say that posts won’t spontaneously reappear.

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Tbh, I’d rather what I posted on BOTC to be lost for good.

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Around 0920 GMT, according to my email notifications

Huh. You shouldn’t have been able to get into either server at that point! I’ll see what I can do.


The old server is up at in read-only mode. So you should be able to recover any posts you reckon are worth recovering and post them here.

(Apologies - I didn’t know where to find read-only mode earlier…)


Unless people object, I’ll shut down the static copy of the old server on Sunday morning. (Not wiping data but it’ll be more work to get stuff out of the final backup.)