Poker chips for boardgames?

So, not really similar then? This is a set tailored for the specific purpose of board game currencies, not poker. 1,000 chips would be massive overkill, and too much to lug around*, and (I think) denominations are important.

Of course, I have yet to actually use poker chips in any game, so I may well have the wrong balance of chips, or find other problems with what I have… (in fact, I already think the set is too heavy, but eh, each chip being too light would probably also feel wrong)


As I wrote that, I looked around and saw my 2,400+ Dominion chip set in 4 poker cases…


You’ve probably got the balance right within the constraints of working in multiples of twenty.

I’d bin 10 500s for more 1s but that breaks the pleasing visual of the box.

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Well other than the numbers, the pattern and colours and case look similar so yes, similar!


Yup, they look similar to mine as well (which I bought c.15 years ago), inasmuch as the colours and the pattern of the white spot markings is the same, and a custom circular label has been applied.

In my set, one of the chips arrived with no label on it which revealed that the outer material was plastic, presumably with some kind of weight inside, but they’ve been perfectly fine for my purposes.

The colour scheme is as close to a standard one as there is, I think.

Also, I think technically all chips are plastic, just that some plastics are better than others. Heavy plastic, light plastic with metal weights, and light plastic, seem to be the real three categories, regardless of marketing terms like “clay”.

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Another plus for my ceramic A&A IPC chips.


Most 14 gram poker chips have a steel slug with a PVC coating.

Clay casino chips weigh about 10-11 grams.

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