Podcast #178 - Voices in the Walls


In this semi-cooperative episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Matt are talking about two very unusual games! First up is Voices In My Head's handsome-man-sentencing, followed by a small course of Decorum; a passive-aggressive living simulator. We also chat a few nice words about SHUX (and the carpets within) as well as Matt’s review of the Quacks expansion.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


03:21 - Voices in my Head

17:10 - Decorum

30:25 - Quacks: The Alchemists

I’m a bit behind on the podcast, but I was catching up in the car on my way to Liverpool today. Has anyone played Decorum? I’m kind of fascinated by the idea, but I suspect it would make me angry in the same way that The Mind does :laughing:

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I definitely want to! Although I’m much more of a logic puzzle hound than my wife who I would be mostly playing it with, so it’s too risky for an out-and-out buy.


Decorum is coming out this week in the UK shops.

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I suggest you purchase it and report back.