Podcast #174 - The Lazy SundayCast


In this sluggish episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Tom and Quinns are fresh off the back of two games - one a box of unison and joy; the other a lump of conflict and discontent. We’re talking about Gugong and it’s expansion - Panjun - as well as Lizard Wizard! But which is the belle of the ball, and which is the slob of the swamp? Find out… right here!

Have a lovely weekend, folks!

So what are the gaming moods of days of the week? For me, I think:

Monday to Thursday evenings: fairly short light games.
Friday evening: a bit longer, perhaps running quite late, but multiple short games rather than one long one.
Saturday: The Long Intense Game. Your Twilight Imperiums and Star Trek Ascendancies. Also thematic game days (e.g. “we’re going to play a whole lot of V-Commandos”).
Sunday: We have time for long games but that may just mean we take a light game slowly.

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