Podcast #173 - Basing Our Brains On Bitoku


In this spiritual episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Matt and Tom are talking about just one game - a game that has sat alone on Tom’s ‘To-Play’ shelf like a bottle of brown sauce in a wetherspoons sauce caddy. That’s right, it’s Bitoku, a game about splodging sauce all over a beautiful forest until various bears, otters and raccoons come to lick of all the liquid from the branches and leaves: yum yum yum.

I feel safe saying this here and it finally needs to get out of me, because if I hear another comment about how gorgeous this Jackson Pollock Sherbet Vomit is, I’m a lose my mind!

Phew. Thanks all. [This wasn’t pointed at the episode, for what it’s worth.]


Looks pretty nice though, wouldn’t you say?



I saw this on the table for the first time in a Radho runthrough. I quit watching after he was halfway through explaining the first turn. I like the color scheme but at the same time it’s like grandma’s wallpaper: too much! That board is so busy, it actively hurts my eyes.

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I felt the same way about Ark Nova during the SU&SD review. Just too much.

But that’s just too much materials… I am glad that I have friends who will buy Ark Nova so I get to play it. I still want to try that one. All the TM comparisons make me wonder.

Bitoku… looks like someone designed all the components separately and then combined them. Sure they all match but that’s like wearing an outfit that’s all striped from head to toe. You’re bound to look like a clown or a cartoon prison escapee.