Podcast #169 - Welcome To... Coevorden?


In this picturesque episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast Matt, Ava, and Tom are absolutely chomping at the bit to tell you all about three games that are all PRETTY GOOD!

We've got the scintillating urban planning of Townbuilder: Coevorden - the scintillatingy-er LUNAR planning of Welcome To The Moon and... what was the last game? I don't know if I can quite... remember...

Have a lovely weekend, folks!


02:35 - Townbuilder: Coevorden

11:56 - Welcome To The Moon

26:52 - Equinox

Ohhh, that’s interesting. I remember my wife and I got shown a demo of Coevorden at PAX Unplugged 2 or 3 years ago at a booth. I was intrigued (I’m a sucker for multi use cards) but I don’t think they had a box in the free play library, so didn’t give it much more thought. Glad to see it getting some press though! I’ll be interested to hear what they think of it.

I have Coevorden (it was a birthday gift) and have played it once, so my opinion should probably not be given much weight. It is definitely a very light game; I found it to be pretty uninspiring in terms of both play and theme. If you want to introduce someone who’s new to board games to multi-use card games it could be good for that though.

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I bought Coevordon at the last in person SHUX. I like it as a filler / light card game. It has decent room for tactics and strategy for the size of game it is. And, as mentioned, it does work well for introducing the idea of multi use cards.

Note: have not listened to the podcast yet. Saving it for while doing dishes later this morning.

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